TOP 40 ideas for how to entertain yourself during lockdown

Entertainment 06 Sep 2021 ~ 11 min read

Stringent lockdown regulations imposed during the outbreak of coronavirus have forced almost every family across the globe to spend more time together than normal. It will be possible to get rid of boredom during these days by remaining entertained and distracted. In the following paragraphs, we have mentioned several ideas on how to entertain yourself during the lockdown.

1. Make a slime

Making slime is one of the most interesting science experiments which can be performed by you at your own residence. There are numerous options for making slime. The basic ingredients will be borax, glue, water, a container, as well as a tool for mixing.

2. Learn a couple of tricks

Learning a couple of tricks during this pandemic will definitely be an interesting idea. For example, you should love making string figures. For this, you simply require some creativity as well as a big loop of spring. It will be possible to make bridges, spider webs, and other intriguing things. Besides this, paper-and-pencil puzzles will be a fantastic way to stretch your imagination in various directions. The good thing is that they can be obtained for free.

3.  Create a family tree

Although it will not be possible for you to see many of your near and dear ones during the lockdown, it will be a good idea to prepare a family tree. For example, after making the tree you can put the name of every single relative on each fruit on the tree.

4.  Try yourself in cosplay

During this pandemic, you can also act a bit childish and dress up in outfits emulating your preferred characters. You have the freedom of trying out any character you like such as Harry Potter or Marvel. You simply need to select the character and start making the costume.

Spread a vegetable garden on the windowsill
Photo by Ketut Subiyanto/Pexels

5.  Spread a vegetable garden on the windowsill

Even though you might be trapped indoors, it will still be possible for you to grow herbs and vegetables. This will help you to bring nature inside and these veggies can also be included in your meals. You can grow a host of amazing veggies on the windowsill ranging from edible flowers to beetroot.

6. Make a thank you list

Kind words are of prime importance in this fast-paced world. People choose to convey their gratitude to other individuals through email or by dispatching text messages. You might be having several well-wishers who have helped you in one way or the other in the recent past. It will be a good idea to prepare a thank you list while you are free during lockdown which should include the names of all those people who have helped you in various ways.

 7.  Throw away the trash

Invest some of your time in getting rid of the trash and cleaning your home on a regular basis. Decluttering will help to bring in positive energy. Apart from driving away unwanted dirt and grime from your home, it will also provide you with positive vibes plus charm you up.

8. Decorate the house

It might be a fact that you are quite tired and frustrated with seeing the same old furniture and seating arrangements in your living room day after day. This lockdown will be the perfect opportunity for you to reorganize your home’s decoration and provide it with a fresh appearance. Move the chairs and the tables, replace the curtains, and try out other new combinations too. This will also help you to slim down.

9.  Organize your laptop

 Organize your laptop
Photo by Anna Shvets/Pexels

The majority of the individuals are on their laptops and desktops all day long, particularly during this lockdown. In case you have lots of images, documents, and digital files on the laptop, there is every possibility for them to become unorganized. It will be perfectly sensible for you to get rid of all this clutter and organize the laptop in the best possible way. 

10.  Start your morning right and with a treat

Your mornings should be started on a positive note since they will be able to set the tone for the remaining part of the day. You will be able to spend your day successfully by forming healthy habits for the morning. Moreover, make sure to start your morning during lockdown with a treat. For example, in case you are a coffee buff, then it will be a good idea to grab a cup of hot Java after getting up from your sleep. Also, make sure to consume a healthy breakfast since it will provide you with more energy than you can spend later during the day. 

11.  Live a “reverse day”

Living a “reverse” day is also a good idea to keep yourself entertained during the lockdown. You can try anything from talking and walking backward, consuming your meals beginning with the dessert, wearing your garments inside out, and so on.

12.  Try origami

Try origami
Photo by Valeria Boltneva/Pexels

This Japanese art is known for its therapeutic advantages and will be an ideal solution for keeping you distracted during lockdown while reducing your anxiety levels too. You will find lots of online tutorials on origami at present. The projects include 3D greetings cards, large wall hangings, and simple butterfly decorations.

13. Announce a family karaoke battle

It does not matter whether you are a bathroom singer or a professional one when you are a part of the family. You can arrange for a family karaoke battle during the pandemic where your family can be divided into 2 or more groups and one person can be appointed as the judge. Try to choose songs that will be recognized by most people. It will also be fun to sing cheesy songs since you will not be pressurized to perform well.

14. Arrange a chess or checkers tournament

Playing games like chess will help to improve your concentration. You need to be tactical while playing the game. These ideas can be applied in your daily life too. A chess tournament can be arranged amongst your family members that will help you to spend your time in a smart way. Organizing a checkers tournament will also be a good idea.

15. Finally go in for sports

In case you do have an indoor tennis court within your residential building premises then you can always indulge in playing tennis. Otherwise, you can also arrange for some table tennis matches provided there is a ping pong table in your garage. Practicing yoga will likewise be a sensible idea at this time.

16.  Take part in the challenge

Taking part in a new challenge will also help you to kill your time. For example, you can challenge yourself in learning a new language within 2 months or learning a new recipe from YouTube every week. 

17.  A bold beauty experiment

While you are being stuck at your own residence during the pandemic, it will be prudent to focus on some beauty routines. In fact, many people have taken their beauty care into their own hands from providing themselves with a haircut to beautifying their skin given that most of the salons are closed during this time. You too can make beauty experiments at your own residence during lockdown so as to make yourself more attractive and stylish.

18.  Paint a picture

Paint a picture
Photo by Jonathan Borba/Pexels

In case you like to entertain your future guests with a new piece of painting on the wall of your living room, you can visit YouTube where you will find lots of basic painting tutorials using watercolor or acrylics. You simply need to have a paint set as well as brushes, a surface for painting, as well as a palette.

19.  Learn a new dance

There is no need to put on dancing shoes or listen to the beats at your dancing club. In case you don’t like the idea of dancing in front of everyone, you will be able to gain access to dance lessons in the privacy and comfort of your own residence on YouTube. It will be possible for you to learn new dancing skills such as Salsa twists and Bollywood Thumkas.

20. Consider a home photo session

While you are trapped indoors during the lockdown, you will be able to practice photography and become creative with the camera in lots of ways. It will be feasible to make ordinary things appear attractive and interesting. Include your near and dear ones as well as your pets. You will be capable of creating a professional-looking photo shoot at your own residence with the help of a camera, several household supplies, and a window.

21.  Make a wish map

A wish map is actually a board where you will be putting all your targets that you would like to attain within a particular period of time. It is seen by some people as a sort of ritual or something magical that they need to follow so as to make their dreams come true. While hanging the wish map on the wall, you can burn a candle, meditate, and play some relaxation music in the background.

22.  Plan your future travels

During this pandemic, it will be an unwise idea to think of traveling to distant locations. Even though it is an unfortunate time to explore new places, you can always dream about your subsequent travel adventure. The lockdown will be the perfect time to plan your future travels which can be accomplished once the pandemic is over.

23. Travel online

In case you are thinking about whether it will be possible for you to explore new places without actually going there, the answer will be in the affirmative. Since most of us are locked within our own residences, it will be very difficult for our travel-hungry souls to venture out anywhere. However, there are other ways to quench your thirst for traveling for which you need not leave your home. You will come across numerous travel blogs on the Internet which have made it very easy for globetrotters to visit places of their interest. Virtual tours can also be taken across the globe with the help of sites such as YouTube.

24.  Fall in love with the right snacks

Employees across the globe have been asked not to leave their homes and work remotely during the pandemic. While there are several advantages of working from home (such as working while wearing your pajamas), one cannot deny the fact that there are lots of snacks lying in the storerooms within our residences. Thus, you have the privilege of selecting your favorite treats and satisfying your taste buds as well.

 25.  Make the most delicious coffee

Make the most delicious coffee
Photo by Thitaree Sawettatat

Coffee is considered to be a popular beverage globally and there are numerous coffee enthusiasts out there at present. In case you are one of them, make sure to prepare a stimulating cup of coffee and sip it along with your preferred smack items in the evening in the company of your near and dear ones.

26.  Start reading all the books you bought

One notable benefit of social distancing during lockdown is that you will have ample time to go through your favorite books. There cannot be a better time to read all the books purchased by you over the years which will surely help to lift your spirits considerably.

27. Develop a healthy habit

It can be challenging to maintain a lifestyle packed with healthy habits, especially during a pandemic. However, it is time for you to alter your mindset, and realize the fact that healthy habits like working out, consuming a balanced diet, and avoiding smoking and drinking alcohol will enhance your general well-being to a great extent. Make it a point to develop a healthy habit during lockdown such as working out regularly in the afternoon.

28.  Learn how to set the table

Learn how to set the table
Photo by Any Lane

Even though setting a table used to be common knowledge in the past, this job can prove to be somewhat tricky in the hectic and busy world of today. For setting a table, one needs cutlery, a placemat, a water glass, a dinner plate, plus a napkin. You’ll be finding plenty of tables setting instructions on YouTube which will come of use to you.

29.  Watch a movie

Amazon Prime and Netflix will not be your sole options, and there is no need to watch excellent movies by paying for a subscription. There are many sites on the web such as Openculture which will allow you to see films for free. 

30. Commence a virtual book club

Even though it might not be possible for you to come in contact with your buddies personally, you can organize a virtual book club with them. It does not matter whether the same book is read by all of you, making use of a video call will aid in keeping you connected.

31. Phone your friend

It will be a sensible idea to talk to an elderly neighbor over the phone since he or she might be feeling secluded or you can likewise phone a close relative with whom you have not talked for a while. Keeping in touch with one another during the lockdown period will be good for your mental health.

 32. Donate to the local food bank

Lots of supermarkets come with a drop-off point where donations can be made for the local food bank. The majority of these food banks will enable you to donate cash online.

33. Practice nail art

. Practice nail art
Photo by Cottonbro/Pexels

Nothing will be better than tapping on your smartphone or typing on the keyboard with nails that have been freshly manicured. You can always learn the technique of practicing nail art at your own house during the lockdown. It will be possible to create lots of show-stopping looks using stickers, gems, and glitter.

34. Get your wardrobe organized

You might be having a pair of jeans that do not fit you in the way it used to before. It’s time for you to get rid of those useless garments from your wardrobe and organize it in the proper manner. These garments can be given to the closest clothing bank or you can give them to your friends.

35. Make a mood board

In case you like to feel inspired during social distancing it will be a good idea to make a mood board full of innovative ideas, inspirational graphics, and aspirations. Visualizing what you would like to get from life might provide you with the required clarity and motivation for achieving it.

36. Play an instrument

While you are isolated during the lockdown and if you are feeling monotonous inside your house, try to develop the skill of playing a musical instrument. It might be the fact that there is a guitar in your house that you had purchased a couple of years back and have not used since then. Make sure to re-tune the guitar and fill your days with the sweet sound of music.

37. Purchase a gift card

It is a fact that many small companies are struggling financially during coronavirus. See whether it is possible for you to purchase a gift card for using it once the lockdown is lifted and the crisis comes to an end.

38. Go for a yoga class

There is no need to feel disappointed since you have not done any yoga in your entire life. You will come across lots of tutorials on yoga on YouTube which will be available to you for free. Select one, and have a go when you feel cooped up next time.

39. Get out in your yard

In case you are fortunate enough to have a garden at your residence, take advantage of it. Make sure to consume your breakfast in the garden during the pandemic, pull some weeds, and do anything that will help you to enjoy the fresh air.

40. Do a crossword

Make it a point to go for the crossword in the newspaper. You will also come across lots of crosswords on the web at different levels of difficulty which will help you to remain engaged for quite some time.


Hopefully, these above-mentioned tips will allow you to spend your time during the lockdown in an interesting manner within your own residence. The same is applicable to your family members as well. 

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