Nationwide Breakdown Cover: Is It Worth It?

Money 21 Jun 2022 ~ 5 min read

When your vehicle breaks down on the side of the road for any reason, it triggers unpleasant feelings. Fear, uncertainty, inability—you name it.

When you have breakdown cover, you feel safe, and you know you can get help wherever you are. And since feeling safe at your most vulnerable moments is invaluable, we’ll help you decide whether Nationwide’s breakdown cover is worth it.

Nationwide offers one of the most popular breakdown cover packages in the UK. And to top it off, it recently partnered with AA—UK’s largest breakdown provider—to get its full services.

So, is Nationwide breakdown cover worth it?

Who Provides Nationwide’s Breakdown Cover Services?

As of 2022, the AA is the main provider of Nationwide’s breakdown cover services. Being a trusted brand on the market, AA alone is a good reason to invest in a Nationwide FlexPlus account.

The breakdown provider has an impressive fleet of 2,700 specialists, well-trained with enough expertise to tackle any roadside issue. Not to mention the extra benefits that come with having AA as your provider

For one, if you’re a FlexPlus member, you get unlimited access to the AA application. Using it, you’ll be able to report your breakdown without making a single call. And the app will show you the patrol’s current location, allowing you to track it to know when help is coming.

Not only that, but the app also allows you to input other people who may drive your vehicle. That way, the driver can get help even if they’re not the account holder.

Aside from the app, AA also offers Accident Assist cover. That allows the members to get recovery from accidents that weren’t their fault.

What Does Nationwide’s Breakdown Cover Package Offer?

When you have a FlexPlus account on Nationwide, you get their full breakdown cover package.

Let’s see the best offers of Nationwide’s breakdown cover package:

All-Around Recovery

Nationwide’s recovery offers are unrivalled.

With the FlexPlus package, you get help at your home address or any roadside you’re stuck on. You can also get recovery at any local repair place.

If your vehicle breaks down ¼ a mile further than your home and there’s no means to repair it, you get the choice of a hire car, recovery anywhere you want inside the UK, or overnight accommodation.

If you can’t drive because of an illness or an injury, AA provides you with a relief driver. So, needless to say, whatever situation you find yourself in, you’ll get help.

Well-Trained Patrols

AA offers well-trained patrols like no others. According to the official website, the patrols undergo an extensive induction programme before being qualified for the job. On top of that, they go through solid technical assessments to ensure they’re up for the tasks.

Having an internal mentorship programme within AA also helps make sure the patrols have enough knowledge so you know your vehicle is in safe hands.

Access to AA Application

When a car breaks down or an engine suddenly shuts, you’re likely not prepared for it. So, you can’t afford to waste time before asking for help.

With the FlexPlus account, you gain access to the AA application, enabling you to ask for help instantly when you’re on the road. The app also lets you track the help while it’s on the way.

On top of that, AA offers over-the-phone assistance in case you need help to do something on your own.

Accident Assist Cover

All car owners are subject to accidents that aren’t their fault. So the Nationwide breakdown cover package includes an Accident Assist cover. That way, whenever a vehicle goes into an accident, the company takes care of the repair and replacement parts needed.

What’s the Catch?

There’s no such thing as perfect. So, there must be downsides to the Nationwide breakdown cover package.

Here are some things to consider before applying for the FlexPlus account.

Vehicle Limitation

Since Nationwide has excellent recovery offers, it’s only normal that there are some limitations when it comes to vehicles that get help.

For example, the breakdown cover doesn’t include vehicles that don’t have vehicle tax or aren’t maintained according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. Plus, the car must be registered to the FlexPlus account, or the account holder must be inside it to get help.

Of course, cars registered outside of the UK aren’t eligible for recovery, as well as vehicles that have been imported or auction-bought.

On top of that, if the vehicle exceeds the dimensions set by AA, it doesn’t get recovery offers. Here are the dimensions:

  • Maximum width: 8ft 3in
  • Maximum length: 23ft
  • Maximum weight: 3.5 tons

Pricey Fee

To enjoy Nationwide’s breakdown cover package, you must have a FlexPlus account. The account costs £13 per month, which may seem like a lot for some users.

If you apply for an arranged overdraft, you’ll be automatically obliged to an interest rate of 39.9% APR. It shouldn’t be much of an issue if you use your account wisely, but it’s still worth thinking about.

No Cancellation for Individual Benefits

Having a FlexPlus account means that you’ll be registered to all of the services that come with it. So, if you want to cancel one service, you can’t. You’ll have to close the entire account and do without all the services.

That may be a bit inconvenient for users who only want breakdown cover, so it’s worth considering before you apply for an account.

Is Nationwide Breakdown Cover Worth It?

Safety can’t be valued by money, so Nationwide’s breakdown cover is definitely worth it. You’ll get coverage inside the UK and EU countries with no limit for callouts. So, the monthly fee you’ll pay for the account is actually pretty reasonable.

Besides, when you have a FlexPlus account, you don’t only get breakdown cover. You’ll also benefit from worldwide family mobile phone insurance and travel insurance. Additionally, you’ll be able to use the account abroad, making payments and withdrawing money, for no additional fees.

Knowing that whenever your vehicle cheats you, you’ll be covered, Nationwide’s services are very well worth it.

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