FNaF rule 34: All You Need to Know About Rule 34 in Security Breach

Games 26 Jul 2022 ~ 4 min read

Last December, Steel Wood Studios, the developers of the popular family horror game, Friday Nights At Freddy’s, released the Security Breach, 2 years after the events of Help Wanted.

However, the new installation came with some marked differences including enduring 1 night instead of the 5 that fans have become accustomed to and featured free-roam gameplay. However, the one difference that has caught the fancy of porn video lovers is the Rule 34 categorization that came with FNAF’s latest installation, Security Breach.

This article would explain the origin of the term, what it means, and how it applies to Friday Nights at Freddy’s.

What Is Rule 34?

Though this rule needs no introduction as it is popular on porn video sites, let’s assume the innocence of everyone and explain what the “forbidden” term means.

Rule 34 simply states that there is a porn version of any conceivable topic including subjects unrelated to sex.

The term started somewhere in 2003 when a webcomic artist posted a cartoon on a website after witnessing a porn parody of Calvin and Hobbes and captioned it “#Rule34. There is porn of it. No exceptions”. The website users quickly caught the fever and spread it like wildfire and before long #Rule 34 became a thing.

In 2007, one website collected images of Rule 34 and created a database of all images that fell under the category. Soon, 4chan also joined the bandwagon and in 2008 published a series of porn parodies of popular cartoons.

What is FNaF Rule 34 Security Breach?

Thus, you’ll be right to think that FNAF Rule 34 indicates there is a porn version of the popular family game available, but that is far from the truth. FNAF Security Breach rule 34 indicates that the newest installment of the game comes with sexually explicit imagery that is inappropriate for some audiences.

Therefore, FNAF Security Breach comes with a T rating to warn users of its adult content and to keep kids off the game. If you’re looking for porn videos or games in FNAF, you’ll be disappointed.

However, There’s a Catch

The porn enthusiasts who also happen to be fans of the game have developed sexually explicit videos that feature the character Moon. Why the fans chose to use Moon is not clear but it is believed that his antagonistic character and features have a part to play. This is not from the game developer itself, as most of them frown on Rule 34, but it is just fans having fun.

Others have also developed gay and shemale videos of other characters of FNAF, depending on their preferences and character choices.

There’s A Punishment for Suggesting Porn Videos

Some fans have suggested adding Third party services that’ll feature sexually explicit material online in the game, but the game developers have rejected that idea.

Though we don’t know of anyone being banned for suggesting such to Steel Wool Studios, we know that fans of Fall Guys tried to suggest similar videos that had their accounts banned.

Other online forums have banned users for posting sexually explicit pictures and videos of the FNAF characters. So, unless you want to run the risk of losing your account, we recommend that you don’t try such stuff.

Should You Share FNaF Rule 34 Content?

Though there’s no rule against sharing Fnaf rule 34 content online, however, there is a raging argument as to whether it is appropriate to share sexually explicit material. Some believe that ruling against showing or sharing rule 34 or free porn videos is an affront to freedom of expression.

Others also question the morality of sharing explicit content, believing that it can have a long-term effect both on the individual and society. One of such effects is the child sexual abuse images that most countries around the world are trying to fight.

Today, there are online “police” that monitor videos uploaded or downloaded to ensure that perpetrators of such heinous acts are arrested and prosecuted.

Other effects porn videos include broken marriages, addiction, and negative sexual habits. Though these effects are harmful, they affect adults who are believed to have developed enough cognitive skills to make sound judgments.

Children, on the other hand, are more vulnerable and must be protected until they are of age.

So What is Five Nights at Freddy’s Security Breach All About?

Security Breach is gameplay that follows the character Gregory (a young lad) who must survive the night by steering clear off the animatronic characters and a security guard in a large mall. The young lad also has the herculean task of unveiling the grotesque secrets of the mall while staying hidden.

It is the 13th installment of the game and is available on Microsoft Windows, PlayStations 4 & 5, X box 1, and Xbox Series X/S. The game’s high resolution means that the user’s internet speed must be fast or they’ll lose out on the overall gaming experience. Though you can use a free hosting service, it is advisable to play using a paid hosting service as you’re assured of great internet speed and reliability.

Also, using a paid service that runs on a content delivery network allows you to easily block access to Rule 34 content and keep your young ones safe. It ensures the website display is great and there is little to no lag when website usage is at its peak while enhancing the website’s performance.

There is also better video playback which adds to the overall gameplay and leaves you wanting more.

The developers of Friday Nights at Freddy’s have added some adult content to their latest installment, Security Breach, which is inappropriate for pre-teens.

Thus, FNAF Rule 34 simply refers to the imagery that is unsuitable for children.

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