Will Microsoft Teams Replace Skype For Business?

If you're from a business background, you must be familiar with the number of meetings you continually have to attend. And if you have an online business, then you're definitely not unfamiliar with the tools and technologies that come in handy while managing your business online.

Will Microsoft Teams Replace Skype For Business?
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Online tools and technology have made life on the internet smoother and easier. Out of these tools, Skype is one that almost everyone uses when they have online meetings. However, Skype is becoming a thing of the past, slowly and gradually. It hasn't been replaced entirely yet, but Microsoft Teams is now clearly taking the forefront. 

Microsoft Teams is an online software powered by Microsoft. This has been designed to keep the current modern workplace lifestyle in mind. Meant to provide an enriching experience while working, this software not only allows you to have live video meetings but also allows you to enhance collaboration and communication. 

Contrary to what many people think, this software is not another replica of Skype for Business. Microsoft Teams is much more interactive, powerful, and highly productive as compared to Skype. 

Once you’ve gained a thorough understanding of Microsoft Teams, you’ll realize how different it is from Skype. This software allows you to interact with your clients, friends, acquaintances, and others in a much better way. 


The Difference Between Microsoft Teams Meeting and Skype for Business 


There are many differences between Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business.

The first difference between the two is that Skype for Business can host up to 250 people only in a call. 

On the other hand, Microsoft Teams can host around 10 to 1000 people at the same time without compromising on the quality of the Microsoft Teams video. Microsoft Teams, like Skype for Business, also provides enterprise-grade security. 

In Skype for Business, you cannot add people who don't have a Skype account. They can only join the call via phone or landline, which costs you money. However, Microsoft Teams is different.

You can simply invite outsiders as guests, and they can simply join the call, and have full access to all the files and the Microsoft Teams chat going on without needing to have an account of their own. However, despite all this, there will still be some limitations for people who join as guests. Still, they will be able to join the session and have limited access as a guest. 

While Skype for Business has limited features, Teams meeting does not. In Microsoft Teams, you can create private or public chat rooms, and chat with whomever you want to. 

Moreover, in Microsoft Teams, you can access all the files that have been shared with you, in different rooms or channels, in one place - SharePoint. In Skype for Business, no feature lets you access all the files shared with you in one place. 


Is Microsoft Teams Replacing Skype for Business?


We say it certainly is. Microsoft Teams is soon going to replace Skype for Business and you won't be able to access Skype for Business after 31st July 2021. 

Teams meeting is not an alternative to Skype for Business. Instead, Microsoft is entirely moving on to Microsoft Teams from Skype for Business. Hence, it wants its customers to move on with them, as well. 

So, yes, Microsoft Teams is replacing Skype for Business. The company is moving on to more advanced features and technologies and dissolving Skype for Business altogether. 


Advantages of Microsoft Teams


  • Free of Cost for Office 365 Uses

Businesses with the license of Office 365, don't have to worry about paying for Microsoft Teams App. Microsoft 365 Teams doesn't cost a penny to existing Office 365 users means. This means there's no extra cost to your organization.


  • Communicate Seamlessly

The second advantage of the Microsoft Teams app is that you have a platform for seamless communication where you can collaborate, have conversations and online meetings, and share files and tasks - all done in one app Microsoft Teams.


This allows users to have their brainstorming sessions or meetings in one place without moving from one app to another. 


  • Increases Your Productivity

With Microsoft Teams by your side, you can actually see a drastic change in your productivity. In Microsoft Teams, everyone receives messages at the same time. This is because people part of one room will get access to all the messages via their notifications. 


Moreover, if a team member joins late or you add a new team member, later on, they will not miss out on anything, because they have access to all previous chats and files.


  • Brings all Office 365 Applications in One Place

An advantage of using Microsoft Teams is that it allows you to integrate all Office 365 applications in one place. You can actually view and work using all the apps in real-time while using Microsoft Teams.


Disadvantages of Microsoft Teams


  • No Internet Connection; No Microsoft Teams

One of the limitations of Microsoft Teams is that you need a stable internet connection to make the most of it. Team members of your organization who don't have access to a stable internet, due to factors such as being in a remote location, may have to face trouble using Microsoft Teams. However, note this would apply to Skype for Business as well.


  • Confusing File Structures

The file structures in Microsoft Teams can be confusing for some. If someone in the team decides to arrange the shared files in chronological order, then the links to the files in the chat may no longer work.


  • Letting People in Can be a Hassle

Allowing people from outside to join your Microsoft Teams group for work purposes is not that easy as it sounds. There are multiple steps which need to be followed in order to allow people as a guest. This is because of the added security Microsoft Teams provides.




Skype for Business is definitely moving to Microsoft Teams, and they're doing it for all the right reasons. Using Microsoft Teams will ensure that your team stays on the right track and that they all have access to everything on time and don't miss a single update. 







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