What Do You Think of Monday.com?

If you own a business or are responsible for managing teams within a company, you may be wondering how to streamline workflows within your business whilst improving employee communication and productivity.

What Do You Think of Monday.com?
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What is monday.com?


Monday.com is a project management tool designed to help connect all the processes, systems and tools within a business together. The platform allows employees to collaborate more efficiently and offers businesses greater clarity and understanding of the progress of a project and the work of its employees. Today, monday.com is used by over 100,000 teams and in 141 countries. If you'd like to learn more about this seemingly impressive platform, continue reading the review below.  


How to Use monday.com


monday.com prides itself on being a flexible platform that can be used by any team, in any industry. The platform is particularly useful for remote teams, as it can be used anywhere in the world and enables remote teams to operate on one platform together.  

Using monday.com for the first time is a straightforward and easy process, thanks to the ready-made platform templates and drag-and-drop building blocks that enable you to customise your platform in minutes. Once you have created a platform template, you can further customise a board with information about your projects, deadlines, workflow, and everyday work, allowing a team to improve their visualisation and communication.

As the monday.com platform is being constantly updated, monday.com tutorial videos and webinars are available on the monday.com platform to ensure their customers can use the platform as easily as possible and can learn to navigate and utilise the best features of the platform effortlessly.  


Top benefits of monday.com


1. Automation


Do you find your projects are constantly slowed down by time-consuming, repetitive tasks? monday.com identified the need for greater automation within projects to allow them to be completed more efficiently and quickly. Code-free automation is available within monday.com, helping to improve the productivity and focus of teams as employees are not required to waste their time completing time-intensive tasks. For example, a project manager could automate their platform to automatically assign an employee a new task once they have finished their current workload, allowing project managers to focus on more creative work that makes a greater company impact.


2. Visualisation


At times it can be difficult for a team to have a clear, unified understanding of a project and the workflows within a project, especially if a team consists of remote workers that are spread around the globe. monday.com allows a team to see the 'big picture of a project at once, displaying data and work processes in such a way that is easy to understand and digest. This allows employees to understand how their work connects to others within their team and gives them an insight into how they can work more productively and help support the big picture of a project. 


3. Productivity  


When managing a project, it can be difficult at times to think of employees as individuals and not as just members of one team. This loss of individuality, however, can cause one employee to be laboured with a disproportionate amount of work making them burn out or complete tasks incorrectly due to deadlines and pressure from within the team. monday.com prevents this from happening by providing real-time updates on the work of individual employees. This allows a manager to effortlessly adjust deadlines and workloads as they will be able to see which employees may be overloaded with work and burning out, and which employees are able to handle more tasks.  


4. Integration


If you find a lot of your day is wasted transferring information from multiple different platforms and tools, you may find you benefit greatly from using monday.com. monday.com integrates with tools and apps your business already uses. As monday.com is able to integrate with over 50 apps and tools, such as Gmail and Zendesk, you can effortlessly manage all of your business processes from your monday.com platform.  


5. Flexible


monday.com is mobile-friendly, enabling employees to effortlessly switch between desktop to handheld mobile devices. This allows employees to work on monday.com on the go, such as on their daily commute, as well as in the office. This is particularly useful for mobile teams who may need to connect with one another at unusual times, due to global time differences, and may not always have access to a computer at such a time.  


6. CRM


monday.com CRM software enables you to manage your customer data and customer communications effortlessly and securely. By creating a monday.com account tracking board, you can easily stay updated and on top of your client accounts and analyse your customer data.  


Potential limitations of monday.com


Although the majority of monday.com reviews are extremely positive, there are some potential limitations of monday.com which we outline below.


• Per-user pricing

monday.com currently operates with a pay-per-user pricing system. While this may appeal to smaller companies, this tiered pricing system may make using monday.com less appealing for larger companies who would fall in the 200+ band of pricing.  


• Packages

In addition to the point above, monday.com also has different product packages available, ranging from basic to enterprise. The more advanced the product package, the more features that are included. For small to medium businesses, it may be frustrating to feel as though you are missing out on some great features of monday.com due to only being able to budget for a lower package.  


• Overwhelming

Many managers love that monday.com is packed with great features and multiple different tools. However, some employees find it hard to transition to using the monday.com platform and find it to be cluttered with multiple different tools and processes. It, therefore, takes employees a bit of time to familiarise themselves with the monday.com product and learn how to navigate the platform easily.  


• More integration

Although monday.com currently integrates with over 50 different apps and tools, some businesses find the tools and software they regularly use, such as Salesforce and Sharepoint, are not included in the 50 apps and tools.  


The final verdict


In today's digital world, businesses are facing constantly changing and advancing demands and must be well equipped with the right products and software to handle these demands. monday.com is an efficient and effective project management tool that allows both managers and employees to handle workflows more effectively. With a focus on collaboration and visibility, monday.com is particularly useful for remote teams which may help many businesses who had to quickly adapt to becoming a remote business during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is important to note, however, that monday.com does come at a price and it will only help to improve your business workflows, not reinvent them altogether.

Ultimately, whether you choose to use monday.com will depend on your budget for such a product and where your business needs fall on monday.com. The customer service team is extremely prompt and professional and will be able to answer any queries you may have.  

Let us know your thoughts about monday.com below!

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