Types Of Perfumes Scents: Which One Will Captivate You

Anyone interested in perfumery needs to know the most basic perfume types: these 7 most basic types could be replenished with new variations.

Types Of Perfumes Scents: Which One Will Captivate You

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This concern of our body scent is not a new thing but this has always remained a concern from ancient times. In the present day, numerous brands and companies are making different types of perfumes. Some are the strongest type of perfume and some have a lighter smell and all of them are amazing and we are ready to spend so much of our money to purchase them. So here is an article that will help you understand the different types of perfume scents and a lot more about perfumes. 



We all use perfumes daily but what is it? A perfume is a mix of different fragrant oils like essential oils and the aroma of various aroma compounds, with solvents and fixatives. These are generally in a liquid state and are used by us to smell better. Perfume or fragrance to be used to enhance the smell of our body is not a new concept. The emergence of perfumes and fragrance dates back to our earliest civilizations. 

Emergence Of Perfumes


Creating different types of perfumes is considered to be an art. This art of creating different perfumes and fragrances goes back centuries to some of the oldest civilizations, mainly the Mesopotamian Civilization, Indus Valley civilization, and the Egyptian Civilization. The first perfume that was recorded was created by a chemist whose name was Tapputi who lived in the 1200 BCE in Mesopotamia. 

In the Indus valley civilization, there is said to be evidence of perfume usage in 3300 BC and 1300 BC. However, the earliest Attar or Ittar which is another name for essential oils and fragrances is introduced in the ancient Hindu Texts mainly the Ayurvedic text of Sushruta Samhita and Charaka Samhita. In a 1975 report by archeologist Dr. Roveati, it is said that there was a discovery of distillation apparatus made up of terracotta in the ancient Indus valley civilization where these were used to extract oils from fragrant plants by boiling them. 

The Islamic culture also has significant and extensive contributions to the Middle East's perfumery developments. The use of perfume was documented in the sixth century by the Islamic culture and was generally used for religious purposes. However, they also used perfumes in their daily lives and used rose, musk, and other materials to make perfumes. They proposed the perfect method of perfume extraction by the steam distillation method and also introduced various new materials which have influenced present-day Western perfumers. 

In Cyprus, one of the oldest perfumeries is recorded to be discovered in the Cyprus island four thousand years ago in the bronze age. That enclosed an area estimate of more than 4,000-meter square which meant that the perfume production was on a large scale or maybe industrial scale. In the Bible, there are mentions of sacred perfumes mainly consisting of fragrant cinnamon, cane, liquid myrrh, and cassia. However, the use of these was only for priests. 

Approval Of The Main Types Of Perfumes


The very first evidence of the creation of perfume was in ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt. It was later taken forward by the Romans and Persian. These few ancient civilizations used raw materials like fragrant plants, flowers, and herbs and extracted the oils by the steam distillation method and made it into the liquid fragrance and also balms that were generally used for religious purposes. 

It is also recorded that in the ancient Egyptian Civilization the king and queen used to take baths in water with rose petals that smelt great and were used to enhance the body smell. The first recorded perfume maker was a lady from Mesopotamia in 1200 BCE whose name was Tapputi. She loved Babylonian, Mesopotamia. 

French Perfumery Community 


France is very famous for its perfumes and its perfume industries. France is the home to a few of the most renowned perfume companies in the world like Chloe, Christian Dior, Chanel, and Guerlain. The French perfume industry is known for creating fragrances and perfumes that are subtle and unique. France started creating perfumes in the Renaissance period and also brought the taste of Italy to the country as well. 

Grasse in France is known as the Perfume capital. This is because it has numerous flower and plant growing industries and they supply blossoms and other fragrant flowers to make perfumes in the 14th century. From that time France has kept up its work on creating remarkable perfumes that are famous all over the world in the current data. 

The Notes Of Perfumes


The perfume industry has worked hard to reach its heights and today the perfumes that are made are with the high calculation of each blend and each oil is used. The life of any perfume has 3 different stages also called notes that are Top note, the heart note, and finally the Base note. 

  • Top Note: The top note is the first smell you get when you spray any perfume. It is light and airy and generally lasts for twenty minutes based on how strong the concentration is. Citrus perfumes are on the top note.
  • Heart Note: The heart note or middle note is the smell you get after the smell of the top note goes off. Now, this is the main smell or essence. It can stay on for almost 4 hours again depending upon the concentration. Floral perfumes are heart notes.
  • Base Note: And finally the base note is that after smell you still have on after you get up in the morning post the day had used the fragrance at night. That known smell that is left behind is the base note. These last for almost twelve hours after the middle note has completely gone. Base notes generally include a strong smell like woody or herbs.

Types Of Perfumes 


There are numerous perfumes and fragrances available in the market today. All these fragrances are special and unique in their smell. 

In 1990, the French Perfumery Society, led by Jean Patou's chief perfumer, Jean Kerleau, finally approved the 7 main types of perfume.

In turn, these 7 types can form more complex combinations of aromas. 

Modern fragrances are made in a more technologically advanced way and ​it can be noted that these 7 most basic types are constantly replenished with new variations.

Anyone interested in perfumery still needs to know the most basic ones: 


Fern or Fougere


It is a type of perfume that has lavender, oakmoss, and coumarin base with an edgy wood and herb aroma to it. This unusual name comes from the Houbigant company, one of the oldest perfume houses. By the way, the most famous customer of this brand was Queen Marie Antoinette herself!

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This type of perfume has a base of tobacco and honey and is a little strong. It is a quite rare type of fragrance.

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Also known as oriental these types of perfumes have a sweet smell like vanilla or flowers. It can be grouped into compositions with soft, powdery, incense-labdanum and pronounced animal notes.

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Chypre is a type of perfume that has bergamot, labdanum, and oakmoss base. This has become very famous after the success of 1917 Francois Coty's perfume Chypre.

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This type of perfume generally has a very flowery fragrance. It has a base of rose, lotus, lilies, jasmine, and other flowers. These are considered to be romantic perfumes. These perfumes have a very subtle smell.

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This type of perfume has the strongest type of perfume smell and is good for making a bold statement. These are ideal for evenings and have a base of wood and oak and are one of the expensive perfumes available. 

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Citrus perfumes are very fresh and have a very fruity smell. It generally has the base of lemons, grapefruit, or oranges and is very pleasant. These perfumes are clean and are very refreshing.

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Final Words


In the present day, we do not understand that perfumes have become a part of our daily life. We generally ignore the importance of a good perfume. You will notice that when you leave and do not put on some perfume you will feel that you have missed something or forgetting something. A lot of people also carry perfume in their bags too. Perfume not only makes you smell better but it also makes you feel a little fresher. 

Not only this but it has also been seen that putting on some perfume makes you feel attractive and also helps in boosting your confidence. It is important to choose the correct perfume that would suit you. Numerous people get headaches when they smell strong perfumes. To discover the perfume fragrance that suits you the best and it will help you boost your happiness too. A good perfume can make your mood better and can save a bad day. 

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