Top 30 Horror Movies 2021 To Watch

Here are the top 30 horror movies of 2021, and beyond.

Top 30 Horror Movies 2021 To Watch

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Horror movies are the favourites of so many people. That spine-chilling experience, fear of the dark, and unknown places are too familiar for movie buffs. This year the movie industry hasn't disappointed anyone, as it has released some good horror movies already. Also, so many new ones are about to release this year and in early 2022. Here are the top 30 horror movies of 2021, and beyond. 


Existing 2021 horror movies: 

1.Willy's Wonderland


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If you have loved Nights at Freddy, then you will love Willy's wonderland. Also, this movie has Nicolas Cage as the main actor. If you have loved his Ghost Rider series then this one will be a treat. To talk about the plot, it centres around the protagonist, as his car breaks down, he agrees to be a janitor for indoor work in an amusement park. However, he has no idea that the characters of the park come to life at night and they have different ideas about fun. 

2.The Vigil


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A young man agrees to look after a dead body, which is a part of the Jews. The young protagonist suddenly finds himself to be the target of an evil spirit. 



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A woman's past starts to haunt her. As she used to be a member of a cult, her disturbing days start to come back. She starts her career as a caregiver, and past things return to turn her life upside down. You will find some twisted themes here, and this has one of the strangest plots in 2021. 



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To talk about the existing horror movies 2021, Bloodthirsty oozes that sense of fear you were looking for. To look at the plot, you will find a young musician who starts to work with a suspicious and creepy producer, and the studio is located in an isolated place as always. This musician has her secrets, and she assumes that it's worse than her employer. The movie is conventional at the beginning, but later you will be amazed by its creativity. 

Release date: 2021 April 23


Upcoming 2021 horror movies: 



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This is from the franchise of the Book of Saw movies. If you have watched the previous ones, then you will not miss this. Chris Rock is the protagonist here, who plays the role of a detective. You will also find Samuel L. Jackson playing the same profession. Together they investigate a murder suspect, which leaves them suspecting police. 

Release date: 2021 May 14. 

6.A Quiet Place Part II


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This is one of the biggest horror sequels to be released in 2021. Fans of Emily Blunt will love the comeback of their favourite actor, and look for Cillian Murphy. The world portrayed here is of sound-sensitive monsters. If you have watched the first movie this will be the continuation and a treat for horror movie lovers. 

Release date: 2021 May 28

7.The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It


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One of the most anticipated and the best movie horror is Conjuring. Horror film lovers have engrossed the previous movies, now it's time for the new release. Once again you will get to see Ed and Lorrain Warren. The story is a continuation of The Curse of La Llorona. This time the couple will investigate a 1981 court case about a murder suspect who was captured by a demon as a defence. 

Release date: 2021 June 4. 


8.The Banishing


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If you have loved the plots on creepy doll-filled houses, and naughty children, then this movie is best for you. The story is based on the relationship of a husband and wife as they start to live in the family manor. The story is set in 30s England. 

Release Date: 2021 April 15 

9.Jakob's Wife


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Vampire buffs will love this upcoming movie. Have a glimpse of the 80s, then the blood and gore of the story. Experience vampires at their best and some hilarious dialogues. 

Release date: 2021 April 16 

10.Werewolves Within


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Lycanthropes and shapeshifters are at the centre of horror movies. This is a blend of horror and comedy. A forest ranger named Sam Richardson investigates the things that are eating the local people. 

Release Date: 2021 June 25 

11.The Forever Purge


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The Purge movies have always been the favourites of horror buffs. This movie continues after the 2016 film. The plot follows a Mexican couple escaping a drug group, as they run into a herd of people, and the story picks up from there. 

Release Date: 2021 July 9

12. The Night House


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The story centres around a widow named Rebecca Hall who starts to uncover the truth behind her dead husband's secrets, which brings her to a lake house built for her. 

Release Date: 2021 July 16 

13. Halloween Kills


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This another sequel coming up in 2021. The Halloween murders and the screams will fill your ears. Here the previous actors Lindsey Wallace and Tommy Doyle return. 

Release Date: 2021 October 15. 

14. Last Night in Soho


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This is the second movie by Edgar Wright of 2021. The movie centres around a young fashion designer who time travels to the 1960s to meet her idol. There she faces a dark world. 

Release Date: 2021 October 22 

15. Don't Breathe 2


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The sequel is more anticipated this year. The movie brings back the Blind man, and he will hide in an isolated room. Here a young girl gets kidnapped, and the blind man has to help her. The Evil Dead producer has produced this movie. 

Release Date: 2021 August 13



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This is one of the most exciting summer movies for horror genre lovers. You will return to the Cabrini Green public house in Chicago and the story starts from there. Anthony and his girlfriend move there to learn about the stories there.

Release date: 2021August 27 



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If you love the movies of Guillermo del Toro, then you must anticipate the release of Antlers. In the story, Keri Russel investigates a young boy in Oregon, where he brings small animals to feed his secret pet. The surprising fact is, it's a wendigo. Check out the trailer for a horror boost. 

Release Date: 2021 October 29 

18.Resident Evil


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Welcome to Raccoon City: Fans of Milla Jovovich must wait for this movie to hit the box office. This movie will depict the origin story of Raccoon city and the horrifying Spencer mansion. The main actors will be back in this action-packed film. 

Release Date: 2021 November 24 

19.Nightmare Alley


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Another new release for Guillermo del Toro fans this year is Nightmare Alley. You will love the cast as you will get Cate Blanchett, Bradley Cooper, Willem Dafoe, and so on. The movie follows the story of a carnival worker who teams up with a psychiatrist. 

Release Date: 2021 December 3 

20.Army of the Dead


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Check out Snyder's army of the dead which is a zombie movie. The hero decides to team up with his mercenaries to murder the zombies that have infested the land. 

Release Date: 2021 May 21 



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If you have loved James Wan's previous movies you will love this one too. Annabelle Wallis and Jake Abel starring in this film. The characters in this movie run from a monster. 

Release date: 2021 September 10 

22.Texas Chainsaw Massacre


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The chainsaw team is returning this year, although the date is yet to be announced the lovers of this movie are waiting eagerly for the film to drop. The evil murderer will return with his chainsaw and with new characters. 

Realize Date: TBA 2021



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The film protagonist Prano Bailey adds a disturbing horror movie and links it to the disappearance of her sister. Her disappearance is indeed mysterious and the movie centres around the same. You will love the violence and blood if you are a true horror movie fan. 

Release Date: TBA 2021

24.The LaLaurie Mansion Series


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This is a franchise movie. You will again find Nicolas Cage here solving the horror mysteries of haunted places. If you have watched The American Horror Story Coven, then you can guess the plot of the movie. 

Release Date: TBA 2021

25.Fear Street Trilogy


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This is one of Netflix best horror movies and is based on R.L. Stine's books. The previous titles of the movies will come periodically in this film. This will be the continuation of the summer month tales. 

Release Date: 2021 June

26.There's Someone Inside Your House


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This is another upcoming Netflix horror movie and based on the book by the same name. It centres around a female student who moves to Nebraska and has to face some murder cases. The horror quotient in this movie is the murderer wears life like a mask while killing his targets.

Release Date: TBA 2021

27.Wendell & Wild


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The story is about two demon brothers who have to face their arch-enemy named Sister Helly who fights evil with two teens Raoul and Kat. This movie will release a bit later this year. 

Release Date: TBA 2021

Early 2022 Horror Movies: 

28. Escape Room 2


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This is a continuation of 2019's Escape room movie. The new movie has Logan Miller and Taylor Russell. Also, the new addition is Teen Wolf actor Holland Roden and Orphan's Isabelle Fuhrman. The plot is not revealed yet. 

Release date: 2022 January 7 

29.Scream 5


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Remember the previous Scream movies and the chill-worthy feeling you've had watching those movies. To rejuvenate the same feeling Scream 5 will be released in January 2022. You will love the return of Courtney Cox and David Arquette. Also, there will be Neve Campbell. 

Release date: 2022 January 14 



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Jared Leto fans it's time to wait for the best vampire movie of next year. A rare blood disease makes him a living vampire, and this is from the Spider-Man franchise. This movie will also release later on Netflix. 

Release Date: 2022 January 21. 

Wait for the amazing horror movies to release. Meanwhile, finish watching the prequels and the already released horror films mentioned here. 

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