Top 15 Destinations for Travelling Around the World with a Child

Here are the top destinations that will give you a holiday with relaxation and education for your child.

Top 15 Destinations for Travelling Around the World with a Child
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One of the most difficult decisions as a parent is where to take your child for their overseas trip. It's hard to know whether you want them to experience the culture and language of other countries or just enjoy playing at the local beach. Regardless, here are the top destinations that will give you a holiday with relaxation and education for your child.


When is the Best Time to Travel With a Child


It is important to note that the best time to travel with a baby will vary depending on the destination. Each country has a different climate, and it is important to plan accordingly. While some places are very hot and humid, others might have cold weather so be sure you check the weather forecast before travelling.

Generally, the best times of year to travel with babies are spring and fall. These are less touristy times of the year, which will make it a lot easier to navigate smaller crowds while taking care of your infant. It may be tough for those with older kids because of the school season, but it's a great time to travel for people just with babies.

Top 15 Destinations To Travel With a Child


Depending on your family's preferences,  there are many different destinations that you can visit with your child.



Known as the safest country in the world, Japan has one of the best food safety systems and is also a very clean country. Japan is a great destination for travelling with children because they are known for their excellent customer service and educational programs.



Australia is one of the most popular places to travel alone, and it also offers a variety of activities for families. They have a very clean environment, thousands of beaches, and even baby-friendly hotels.



England is well known for its history, including beautiful castle ruins, numerous museums, and outstanding traditions. The country also has a lot to offer for children and babies alike, including the London Eye and even the beach at Brighton.



France is an awesome country for travelling with children because it has many beautiful historical sites and stunning architecture. The food is also amazing, which will make your baby fall in love with French cuisine.



Families who want to visit Italy will be able to find everything that they need for their children. Italy is one of the best destinations for families because it has one of the highest ratings on the quality of life for children under five as well as excellent family services.



Finland is one of the most underrated countries for travelling abroad with babies. The country offers incredible scenery, and it also has very low crime rates. One of the biggest reasons that Finland is such a popular destination for families is because you can experience the Northern Lights, which are difficult to see elsewhere in Europe.



There are many different destinations in Germany, including Berlin, which has an amazing art scene and museums that children will love. Germany is also a great destination because it has numerous all-ages festivals and celebrations throughout the year.



In the homeland of Hans Christian Andersen, a fabulous atmosphere still reigns. You can show your kid small gingerbread houses, narrow streets, and cobbled squares, monuments to mermaids and elves, houseboats. And parents can be pleased with the fact that it is possible to buy air tickets to Copenhagen at a bargain price, and most of the hotels in the centre provide all the amenities for travellers with children. If your child is curious, then an excellent option would be to visit the Andersen Museum, walk along the tourist route of the Kid and Karlson on the rooftops, and visit the old amusement park.



Turkey has many reasons for a great family vacation! Firstly, the sea is clean and warm, many beaches are private, with security and lifeguards. A huge number of family hotels for every taste, where you will be provided with a baby cot, an armchair, and a children's menu. Here you will find animators, children's rooms with nannies, swimming pools for children, attractions for children on land and water. Third, vacation prices are very affordable and will not drain your wallet. And the mild climate will be extremely useful for a good rest for all family members.



A wonderful country for families with children. The cult of ecological travel flourishes here, which will please all parents. There are a lot of parks in the city and in almost all of them you can find play areas for children.



In this country, the tourist season lasts from the second half of June to October. July is the most popular month. However, it is better to come with the children in September, when it is not so hot and the sea is still warm. The sandy beaches of Sousse and Hammamet are good for families with children.



January and February can be the best months for families with children, as humidity and heat are not high during this period. Many kilometres of sandy beaches, juicy fruits, and a warm sea. The downside can be the flight distance and quite specific food.



The most suitable period for families with children is October and November. The weather is also good in January, February and March. During the period from May to September, the weather can be too hot. It is comfortable to rest with children in Abu Dhabi or Dubai. There is a lot of entertainment for a child in Dubai: a zoo, breathtaking water parks, Wonderland amusement park.



The best period for family holidays is from January to March. The air temperature is about + 30 ° С, the sea is + 27 ° С. Families with children prefer to relax on the sandy beaches of Mui Ne and Phu Quoc Island. The main entertainment for children is concentrated in Nha Trang: Winperl Land entertainment island, cinemas, entertainment centres, and much more.



This country has a mild microclimate, famous for its unique nature, clean sea, ecology, and mineral springs. For families with children, you should pay attention to the resorts of northern Croatia - Medulin, and Porec, where the shallow sea and clean air are due to coniferous forests.


What Should You Pay Attention to When Travelling With a Little Baby


While travelling with a baby doesn't differ greatly from any other trip, there are certain factors to consider. Some of the most important aspects of travelling with a baby include:

  • Sleeping arrangements: Every person's preferences are different, and you must bring what works for you. The most popular option for sleeping arrangements include cradle swings and bassinets, but many parents choose to bring a travel crib or co-sleep with their baby in bed.
  • Safety: You will be travelling with your most precious cargo, so safety should definitely be a top priority on your trip. To ensure safety, you need to make sure that your child wears a seatbelt at all times while in the car and that you disinfect all surfaces that they touch before meals.
  • Feeding and changing: It is very important to bring enough supplies for feeding and cleaning up after your baby because they will need food and diapers throughout the day.
  • Water: If you plan on visiting a different country, make sure that you bring your own bottled water and resources for washing up. If you can't find bottled or filtered water, the safe method for boiling water is to use a stovetop pot that is placed inside a pot full of water. If it isn't too hot, this works well and will not ruin the taste of the water.

When travelling abroad with a baby , you'll need to make sure that you're familiar with the foreign language in case there are any emergencies. It is also important to find out if any special laws might affect your child, especially when it comes to food and items such as sunscreen. Finally, be sure to have a travel insurance plan in place before planning your trip because you never know what could happen while abroad or leading up to your trip.

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