Tips On How to Choose a Perfume for Yourself

Here are tips by fragrance experts to help you in choosing an ideal perfume for yourself.

Tips On How to Choose a Perfume for Yourself

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Whether you're a perfume enthusiast or a complete beginner in selecting scents, finding a great fragrance is usually a daunting experience. After approaching the fragrance counter, the only information that can be garnered about all the scents in front is about the looks of the bottle, which can, of course, don't tell you anything. You're only left with sniffing a few selections from different available bottles with help of an overbearing salesperson, which doesn't help much.

A scent can truly become your part and can act like your extension. However, how is it possible to get one? Whether you've got time for researching before visiting the stores, or you wish to get the right scent on the fly, these tips by fragrance experts help you in choosing a perfume scent that you'll pursue for many years and would smell like you wanted.

What Should I Look For In Perfume?


The most vital part about how to choose a perfume scent would be to, of course, try it. You can spray it on pulse points where the skin naturally remains warm, such as your elbow or wrists, so the fragrance really heats up and you reveal itself over time.

It is essential for the perfume to contact with skin and you need to wait for a certain time before coming to a decision: You must try perfumes on the skin whenever it is possible! Most people don't have much time and purchase scents with the first impression - only in seconds! 

Look for something you love - The selected perfume must have chemical makeup and it affects the fragrance durability. Mr. Jeong told, "A large misconception is that all the EDPs last for long and are fine projectors. 

While the oil concentration can majorly affect the silage and strength (the amount of scent that lingers around), the used ingredients sometimes matter more.

Know fragrance notes and their families - Someone who already has a large perfume collection says a lot about perfumes. Would you favor florals? Do the scents burst with oriental warm notes? Or perhaps you adore crisp citrus freshness? When so it is best to use the knowledge as the search base for new perfumes. Alternatively, it is best to explore various fragrance families opposite of the usual go-to when you want to go for something new! 

Follow your instincts - Ouds can be gaining popularity and fancy flowers can be the top picks by your best friends, but it is best to avoid selecting scent based on suggestions by others. As perfume is a personal use item, so it is always best to go with anything that naturally appeals to your style and senses. 

How To Choose a Perfume Based On Your Personality?

Everyone likes different types of perfume scents keeping the following criteria in mind: according to seasons, personality, age, and clothing style. Whatever, the criteria is, the most vital would be to choose a perfume according to an olfactory heritage that provides a strong emotion. 

Selecting perfume according to the olfactory heritage


Olfactory heritage is a sum of all flavours and accents that you've memorized. People build the pool of gustatory and olfactory experiences at the age of 7 and it continues to develop throughout life. This particularly gets influenced through the environment and the travels (mountains, countryside, city, sea).

When you want to choose a perfume according to the style, it is recommended to take into consideration the olfactory heritage which is the indicator for finding an appropriate fragrance that goes well with the image. 

When perfumery and fashion echo together


Perfumes and fashion are known to echo well with each other. Indeed, after a glorious period of great perfumers (like the Guerlain, Houbigant, Pivery, Coty), Paul Poiret's fashion house was first for launching perfumery after creating the Parfums de Rosine brand.

Paul Poiret said about the perfume Nuit de Chine: "The perfumes do for the soul what the dress do for your body".

Fresh: Sparkling personality


A person belonging to the category of "freshness" resembles a sparkling and lively personality. The person is cheerful and full of ideas. 

Scents: The personality loves fragrances with natural scents and figurative fragrances. For example, they get attracted to fresh flower scents (people like the freesia, valley lily, or peony), citrus fruits, watery fruits. The same category of people also loves aromatic herb scents with green vegetal notes, or fresh woody notes like Nouvelle Fraicheur facet, or marine scents. 

Earthy: Authentic and calm personality


Personalities assimilated into the "Earth" category are thoughtful and calm. They're determined but are also authentic (the honesty surprises you). They also appreciate all friendly relationships.

Smells: The person appreciates forest-based smells like mosses, woods and mushroom smells, open fire, and green grass. They don't get attracted to sweet or floral scents.

Fiery personality


"Fiery" people appreciate fragrances having racy, sensual, deep, and oriental notes (for example, they purchase fragrances such as Habit Rouge or Shalimar through Guerlain). Wishing to leave a trace after the passage, also they appreciate trail fragrances.

They also like wood, oud, and deep, warm woody scents having a present trail. They also like a combination of different scents. 


How To Choose Perfume For Your Age?


Perfumes worn daily depict a lot about your lifestyle. A few guidelines must be kept in mind for getting the most appropriate fragrance for matching your lifestyle and age:

For teenagers and early 20s - A sense of adventure is always involved in finding the appropriate type of fragrance. A teenager mostly attracts floral, sweet, and floral fragrances. 

For people in their early 30s and 30s - With life experience and get a better understanding of who you are, you've got a more experienced nose. This makes it possible to select a perfume that complements your lifestyle and body. 

For 40 something's - The age group is more nostalgic. Women in their 40s generally prefer luxury with niche brands and distinctive notes. The signature fragrances get noticed as sophisticated and mature. 

Also, when judiciously making decisions and selecting the right fragrance, you can certainly have the right perfume for complementing daily lifestyle and age. 


So how do you know if perfume suits you? For fixing this, you can try getting help through some hints for finding a perfume made for you. You can try perfume chooser quiz and other info on the internet for finding the matching perfume with your personality and the occasion. Whatever the occasion, age, or personality traits you've got, there's a great scent for everyone! You just need to invest a little time and effort to get the desired fragrance! 

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