The Best Places to Go On Holiday

Visiting new places gives us a big chance to enhance our knowledge and information about different cultures, countries, and ways of life.

The Best Places to Go On Holiday
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If you love visiting places around the world instead of spending time in your city or state, then this article certainly is for you. Visiting new places gives us a big chance to enhance our knowledge and information about different cultures, countries, and ways of life and of course helps us to have a look at many beautiful and ancient buildings, temples, mosques, churches and the like. We also get a chance to enjoy the best beaches, hill resorts, and other places of natural beauty. The world is a huge place and there are hundreds of countries. Each country has something unique to offer to those who are curious, inquisitive, and hungry for knowledge and information. Keeping this target audience in mind, we are happy to list down the 10 best places to go on holiday. We are sure it will be knowledgeable, informative, and useful in more ways than one. 

1. Machu Picchu, Peru

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Machu Picchu in Peru is considered to be one of the most fascinating tourist locations not only in this country but across the whole of South America. It could be counted as one of the best places to go on a Holiday. It is located at a reasonable high in the Andes Mountains. It was a sacred retreat for the famous Incan Rulers. The entire construction was completed in the 15th Century AD. However, it was abandoned within 100 years. However, even today it continues to attract thousands of tourists from across the world. It has some of the most intricate stone works that one could think of. Stones that are tons in weight have been joined perfectly with one another. The biggest takeaway is that the huge block of stones has been joined together without mortar or cement. You will have to spend at least a few days if you are keen on seeing the whole stretch of this amazing piece of art. The visit to Machu Picchu generally starts from the mountain city of Cusco. 

2. The Grand Canyon, Arizona

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Photo by Matteo Di Iorio

There is no denying the fact that The Grand Canyon, is one of the most fascinating tourist spots in the USA. While you could have come across many videos and photos and may have missed a heartbeat or two, there is nothing compared to a visit to this awesome tourist destination. The sheer scope and size of The Grand Canyon can be best experienced only when you spend a few days close to this majestic natural wonder. The size of the canyon is 277 miles and it may have started forming around five to six million years ago. The Colorado River helped in forming the canyon as the river winds its way through this gorgeous natural formation. The Colorado River still continues to flow. At some places, the Grand Canyon is around 18 miles in width and the depth goes up to one mile. Standing on the edge and looking down below is an experience that none of us will ever forget in our lifetime. It is worth the time, money, and effort many times over. Being a tourist spot of immense importance, one can expect to get easy accommodation across different price ranges. 

3. Rome, Italy

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Also known as the Eternal City, Rome often resembles a living museum of gigantic proportions. It is a city that is entrenched firmly in history. Wherever you move, you are likely to be accompanied by thousands of years of history. It is a compact city and if you are able to manage three days from your itinerary, you will be able to have a reasonably good idea about the city and will be able to cover most places. There are a number of must-see places in the city. These include the famous Coliseum and the famous Roman Forum. The Vatican City is a must-see for those who are religiously inclined. Further, a visit to this city is considered incomplete without paying a visit to the Pantheon. Vatican City is unique because it is an independent country located in the middle of the City. The outskirts of Rome are also fascinating and you could have a look at some of the oldest tombs on the Appian Way and of course the famous and ancient Roman Superhighway. 

4. Maui, Hawaii

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Photo by Justin Kauffman

Hawaii without any doubt is one of the most famous tourist destinations that offer some of the most beautiful beach resorts. It also offers the best underwater experiences for tourists. Maui is one such place in Hawaii that will stand etched in your memory for years at length. You also will be able to have a close and breath-taking view of a dormant volcano as you are taken to the famous Haleakala National Park. You also will love a hike through the gorgeous rainforest that is located in the West Maui Mountains. The natural beauty that the place offers is amazing and it has to be seen to be believed.

You will not find it too difficult to find suitable accommodation and there is something for every budget and specific needs and preference. You can stay in the wonderful five-star luxury resort hotels and also the not-so-expensive ones that cater to those who have specific budgets in mind. It would be better to stay in places that are close to the local population and you will love hanging around with them.

5. Masai Mara, Kenya 

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Those who love wildlife, flora, and fauna, will certainly regret if they miss out on visiting the majestic and probably the one and only of its type in the world. The famous Masai Mara is perhaps one of the most bio-diversified areas and perhaps arguably the best and most popular safari destination. It is home to some of the most majestic animals and wildlife. You should visit Masai Mara for having a closer look at leopards, lions, elephants, rhinoceros, and the famous Cape Buffalos. If you are lucky and fortunate, you could come across all five of them in one go and that too in one afternoon. However, if you miss out, you will not regret staying back and exploring this majestic safari park. It is a huge reserve park covering an area of around 1,500 square kilometres of rich grassland. It extends to the famous Serengeti Plains of Tanzania. July and August are the best months for visiting Masai Mara. There are small bush planes from Nairobi to Mara. 

6. Montreal, Canada

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If you want to experience France out of France, then Montreal is perhaps the place. Whether it is the vast number of French-speaking population or the cobblestone streets, if you have visited France ever, you will recall those wonderful memories. The city is historic and has a rich and diverse culture. It is the place to be in for all those who love cafes and quaint shops. You also will find the wonderful mix of North America and Europe here. You need at least three days to understand a significant part of this city. You will have many reasons to come back again to this beautiful city. If you are a foodie, you will love this city. The famous Notre Dame Basilica and the drive up to Mount Royal are also worth mentioning. 

7. New Zealand

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New Zealand is a dream destination because of a number of reasons. The people are friendly and the country is rich and diverse as far as natural beauty, flora, and fauna are concerned. It also has some of the most fascinating mountain ranges filled with snow and ice apart from some awesome beach resorts where you could hang around for the entire day. Of late, New Zealand also has become a famous film shooting location and you will enjoy the places where some great movies have been shot and pictured. The bio-diversity that New Zealand offers is unmatched. Further, if you are a sports lover you have reasons to visit this country. You can have a look at the famous Rugby matches and of course the many local and international cricket matches that are held here. You will love Auckland for its history, culture, and the museums and many other cities and towns will also interest you. 

8. Istanbul, Turkey

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Photo by Fatih Yürür

Istanbul is the capital of Turkey. It is at the intersection between West Asia and Europe. Therefore, you can be sure that you will find a wonderful mixture of food, culture, and history. The city boasts a history that is thousands of years old. It includes the Ancient Romans, Greeks, and the events that led to the creation of the Ottoman Empire. Though it is an Islamic country, it has strong secular credentials. Westerners love this city because it helps them to experience the best of Islamic Culture without the shackles that they often experience in other Islamic and Muslim countries. The city is famous for some great Turkish food and dance and music are integral to the culture and history of this country. 

9. Angkor Wat, Cambodia

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Cambodia is a famous Buddhist country with a history and culture that goes back thousands of years. While there are many places of interest in Cambodia, Angkor Wat, is considered to be the largest religious site across the world. It was basically a Hindu temple and also a mausoleum for a famous Khmer ruler. The temple was constructed in the 12th century and it was converted into a Buddhist temple at the end of the 12th Century. Apart from the main temple, you also will come across ruins of many other temples built centuries ago. The place can be easily reached from Hong Kong and other Asian cities. 

10. London England 

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History and London are closely intertwined and additionally you some of the most fascinating and incredible places to visit on planet earth when you are in this capital city of England. Whether it is the iconic Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge, or the Tower of London, you will have no regrets about visiting this wonderful city. You also can enjoy some of the best foods from across the world and engage in shopping in some of the best outlets in the world. 


We are sure that the above 10 cities would have given a broad idea about the reasons why they have been selected and why they are considered to be the best places to go on holiday. The world is a huge place and you have many other such options to choose from if you wish to. 


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