Pet Insurance - Is It Worth Getting?

So, you've covered everything from your house, car to your family. But what about your pets? Keep reading to know if pet insurance is worth getting or not!

Pet Insurance - Is It Worth Getting?

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Pets are an important part of our families. Just like all the family members and other assets, they need insurance too. But many people still don't have any idea if there are such policies for their lovely furry family members. Even if some people know about these things, they are too skeptical to take the right decision for their pets. If you're one of them, this article will help you out. Here we will discuss and everything about pet insurance, what areas it covers, and is it worth getting or not. At the end of this page, you'll be able to take the right decision for your lovely pet. So, without wasting any more time, let's dive in! 


What Is Pet Insurance? 

Pet insurance is a no-brainer. It is just like normal health insurance which is especially meant for pets. It helps in covering the veterinary care cost and keeps your pets healthy and happy. And not to mention, the right insurance can give you the peace of mind you deserve. With a pet insurance plan, you can freely go to your vet for getting the treatment your pet needs without worrying about the expenses. 


Insurance plans can be designed on the basis of certain factors like the age of your pet, its health conditions, potential conditions specific to the given breed, and many more. Each pet needs to be insured individually. You can get an insurance plan for each of your pets. The good thing is, you can get great discounts if you purchase multiple pet insurance from the same provider. Whether your pet is suffering from a chronic illness or met with an accident, policies can help you deal with all the expenses at a great level. 


Every pet parent should definitely consider getting insurance for the health and well-being of his pet. While you may think that your pet is healthy, young, and doesn't need any sort of coverage, you never know what might happen next. As your pet gets older, he becomes more prone to a number of health issues. Also, some health issues grow at a lightning speed. 


A majority of pet insurance policies are designed for cats and dogs because these two are the most popular and expensive pets to keep. However, there are plans for other animals and birds as well.


How The Pet Insurance Plan Works?

If you're confused as to how these insurance plans work, then don't be. They work in a similar fashion to human insurance where you have to pay a monthly amount for a defined period. Each plan has different terms and conditions and covers different areas. This information is provided in detail by the insurance provider at the time of signing the policy. 


Usually, the coverage is determined by calculating the cost of treatment in percentage. This amount will be reimbursed by the provider. 


What Are The Areas Covered By Pet Insurance? 

Unlike human insurance plans, pet insurance offers different areas of coverage. Although the categories vary from one insurer to another, they usually fall into three broad categories given below :


Wellness Coverage 

As you may get an idea from the heading, this type of coverage includes basic wellness treatment such as vaccinations, dental checkups, and some other regular checkups. You can also call it routine care. Commonly, wellness coverage doesn't account for accidents and any type of illness. 


Accidental Coverage 

As the name suggests, this coverage helps in accidental cases such as being hit by a vehicle, poisoning, ingestion of toxic substances, cuts, wounds, and some others. This type of coverage is mostly recommended to older pets who are more prone to such accidents. 


Illness Coverage 

Illness coverage is a comprehensive category that covers the treatment for severe illness, physical injuries, seasonal disease, and basically any type of health issue with your pet. The accident and illness policy also varies from provider to provider. 


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Is Pet Insurance Worth Getting? 

Now that we have discussed what is pet insurance and how it works. You might be dwelling in doubt as to whether or not to invest in it. While there is no space for such doubts, as with any other thing, there are always some pros and cons to getting pet insurance as well. To provide you with better insight, here are some of the common set of pros and cons associated with getting pet insurance. 




  • No High Deductibles

Pet insurance is different from regular human insurance. The policies usually have very low deductibles ranging from £200 to £250 per year. Moreover, you can decide your deductibles according to your convenience. 

  • Free Vet Visits

Yes. You might earn one or two free vet visits every year. A majority of pet insurance plans offer this kind of benefit. 

  • Extra Reimbursements

Depending upon the policy you purchase and the insurance provider, you can even get reimbursed for boarding your pet due to any emergency. 

  • Severe Illnesses

Most of the plans cover severe illnesses and other physical injuries for very low premiums. 

By using such plans, you can safeguard your pet and yourself against any unfortunate events. 




  • Maximum Benefit Each Year

This is perhaps the biggest issue with pet insurance. It doesn't matter what policy you sign for and who's your insurer, you will have a deal with an annual maximum benefit. In case your pet is very prone to accidents or illness, you might have to pay from your pocket. 

  • No Coverage For Sport And Work Time Injuries

Most of the plans don't offer any coverage for sport and work injuries. So, if your pet is injured while playing or exercising, you'll have to get him treated from your pocket. However, there are some high-level plans that do offer coverage in such areas but they're quite expensive. 

  • Huge Upfront

Most human insurance plans ask you to pay monthly instalments for a defined period of time. But this is not the case with pet insurance. In most cases, you have to pay a substantial upfront amount and then claim your reimbursement when needed. 

  • No Coverage For Pre-existing Health Conditions

If your pet is already suffering from several health conditions, any insurance policy will not be enough for saving him. You have to invest in his treatment. 

  • No Coverage For Routine Care

This is quite surprising but it's true. The majority of pet insurance plans don't cover routine care. So, if you have just bought a pup and made your mind to buy an insurance policy to save yourself from the cost of his routine care, you're making a mistake. 


Life Cover Insurance For Pets 

Life cover insurance generally covers the illness and injuries for the lifetime of a pet. These mostly cover severe health conditions like diabetes and arthritis. These are the most common health issues prevalent to the senior's pets. With such plans, you can save yourself from spending thousands of bucks on ongoing treatment each year. 

Further, your pet will also be covered for the treatment of hereditary, behavioural, and some additional issues depending upon your policy and the provider. For these reasons, life cover insurance is considered to be the most suitable scheme for pets, especially pedigree dogs and cats that are more prone to such conditions. 

However, lifetime cover is not the right insurance policy for all pet owners for some reasons :

  • The premiums for life cover are generally high as compared to other insurance. Sometimes, they offer very little time limit and benefits as well.
  • To enjoy the yearly benefits, you have to stay with the same insurance company.
  • After passing the cost limit, you have to pay from your pocket.


Health Insurance For Pets 

Health insurance for pets usually covers general health issues and some common physical injuries. This is more generalized pet insurance which is recommended for young pets who are not prone to severe health issues. The cost of general health insurance keeps varying from policy to policy but in general, such plans are less expensive than life cover and other coverages. 


Dental Insurance For Pets 

Dental issues are very common with almost all kinds of pets and spending on their treatment in absence of an insurance policy can cost you a lot. So, having dental insurance is one of the smartest things to do. Most of the dental care policies offer coverage for the following cases :


  • Broken Teeth
  • Fractured teeth
  • Crowns
  • Root Canals
  • Tooth Extractions
  • Stomatitis
  • Gingivitis
  • Gum problems
  • Other dental accidents


Pet Insurance For Older Pets 

Just like humans, pets also tend to get weaker and more prone to illness and severe health issues as they age. To get your older pet the treatment it deserves, it is a good idea to invest in an older pet insurance scheme. Without any policy or plan, you'll have to deal with hefty treatment costs which sometimes might be difficult for you to manage. 


Generally, the insurance policies for older pets are different from others. They offer border coverage as compared to other insurance plans. The most common older pet insurance schemes offer the following coverages:


  • Hereditary /Behavioral/Chronic Illness
  • Accidents
  • Surgeries
  • Hospital Admission
  • Diagnoses
  • Medications
  • X-rays /Ultrasounds
  • Therapies


And a few others. Depending upon the policy and the insurance company, the above-mentioned areas can be further divided into finer categories. 


How Much Pet Insurance Could Cost? ( in the UK)

As compared to human insurance, pet insurance is really affordable. But certain factors affect the overall cost of pet insurance. So, you need to understand and educate yourself about these factors before purchasing any scheme online. 


Here are the common factors that impact the overall cost of pet insurance :


  • Breed of pet
  • Height, weight, and age of your pet
  • Your location
  • Common risk areas
  • Health condition of your pet
  • Type of insurance provider
  • Terms and conditions of the policy
  • Length of policy


Apart from these factors, you should be well aware of all the existing issues with your pets. The best idea is to get your pet diagnosed properly before purchasing an insurance scheme. If you happen to be a citizen of the UK, the average insurance cost here is around £250 - £300. 


Where To Get The Best Insurance For Pets? 

Now coming to the biggest question, from where to get the right insurance for your pet? This is a very important question that needs to be addressed because if you run behind non-worthy insurers, you may end up paying a hefty amount in return for absolutely useless benefits. 


To helps you save your precious time and money, here are some of the best pet insurance companies you can check out :


Best Pet Insurance Companies UK



PetPlan is one of the most favourite insurance companies of pet owners in the United Kingdom. They offer excellent schemes for almost all kinds of pets. The company is known for paying for the quickest claims. This is the reason why it is the first choice of a majority of pet parents. The best part is, they don't have any claim limit on their plans. You can easily manage your claims via their mobile app, which is another plus. 


Tesco Pet Insurance

Tesco is a highly rated pet insurance company that offers amazing schemes for cats and dogs. The best part is, you'll get a first-year discount and the flexibility to choose your desired amount. They also offer impressive lifetime cover and older pet insurance plans. 


Best Pet Insurance Company US


PetFirst is a well-known insurance company in the US. It offers value-for-money schemes with several additional benefits and considerably low premiums. It is one of the most affordable pet insurance companies you can go for. 


So, this was our detailed guide on pet insurance. The right policy can help you taking care of a pet in a better way. With that in mind, keep in mind the above factors and get your pet insured today! 

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