Must Have for Pet Lovers: Essential Apps for Pets

There's ample help with apps for pet owners for first aid, buying, adoption, entertainment, pet sitting, and others. Let's take a look at some of them. Photo by Sharon McCutcheon/Pexels

Must Have for Pet Lovers: Essential Apps for Pets

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In the current fast-paced modern world, people seek apps for various reasons which are available at the touch of a phone. Pet apps have also found their way into the world to help pet lovers. There's ample help with apps for pet owners for first aid, buying, selling adoption, entertainment, pet sitting, and others. Let's take a look at some app for pets in this article that can help you in many ways.


Apps for Pet Sitters 


If you are looking for professional pet sitting for your pet, there are some of the best pet sitting apps for cats, dogs, and other pets.

Pet Boarding with PetBacker


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Pet Boarding is brought to you by PetBacker for pet sitting. It stays with a pet sitter by their side to sleep and plays with. Instead of pet hotels where your pet is caged, this app will help you find pet hotels that will provide pet care and attention. This app is suitable for cats, dogs, and other pets. 


Some key features are:

  • It is right for your pet
  • It will provide good pet care.
  • It will give personal attention and care.
  • It gives you a pet lover's care in a home close to yours.
  • Your pet remains in familiar items and surroundings.
  • The app is safe, trustworthy, and with all-around service.
  • It gives every day updates with daily chats and photos.
  • Your payment is protected.
  • You can reserve a slot online.
  • Your pet is protected and insured.


Rover- Pet Sitter, Dog Boarding, and Dog Walker


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Rover app links experienced, reliable, independent contracted, and professional pet sitters and pet owners in one platform. Pet sitters provide house sitting, home visits, home boarding, and dog walking while you can head to your work at peace. You can browse with zip code and get a listing in your area locally.


Key features

  • It offers dog sitters with their reviews and dates of availability.
  • The sitters have badges for their best training sessions.
  • They are listed with offered services with type of pet sitter.
  • They provide round the clock support, a rover, and a reservation guarantee.
  • You can get reimbursement for vet bills over 25k dollars each claim for pet injuries including any physical damage to items or home under the pet sitter.


You might be looking to sell your pet and want to provide a loving home for your pet or purchase a new pet; in that case, these apps should be helpful for you.


Apps for Selling Pets 

DogsMart - Dogs Buy and Sell


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DogsMart is amongst the best app that handles the selling and buying of dogs as pets. Upload the puppy or dog description that you want to sell. It is an online pet community app to link people selling and buying their pet dogs. They are listed in their app from which buyers choose the right match for you from the varieties.


Key features:

  • It is free and user friendly.
  • You post your ad and within 30 seconds, it is available for the buyers.
  • There's a breed book feature that assists you in obtaining a quick overview of various dog breeds and their description.
  • It provides notification features that assist you in updating you with all dogs trending, their proper diet, dos and don'ts, basic training, and safety features for dogs.
  • You can find sellers close to you by filtering cities.


Pets Store (Buy & Sell Pets) Pets Market Pet Store


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PetStore is one of the pet store apps for pet birds, fishes, dogs, cats, and other pets. It is an online platform to sell and buy pets.


Key features

  • It provides an advanced search with an in-app option to chat.
  • It is available in multiple languages.
  • The ads are directly posted by the user and hence more affordable to purchase and easy to sell.
  • There is no commission or agent in between.
  • You can search for the pet type you want and get an appropriate pet match for you.
  • You can sell your pet by uploading the description directly.
  • Post or see other ads.
  • This app helps you to access sell or purchase birds, caring for them, and other pet information.


App for Buying Pets 


Petszonia - Buying and Selling Pets


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PetsZonia is an app for buying fish and other pets. It synchronizes functionalities and tasks for giving their new pet a lovely pet home. If you are looking for a new pet then this app will give you all the pet possibilities in a single platform.


Key features

  • Pets marketplace
  • App gives pet listing for you to choose from the varieties.
  • Buying pets from anywhere in the world.
  • Finding transhippers
  • Convenient and easy transactions.
  • Affordable


Apps for Adopting Pets 


Pets Adoption: Adopt Cat or a Dog or Post an Ad for Adoption


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Pets Adoption is an online community platform where you can post an ad or adopt a pet for adoption. You can find rabbits, cats, kittens, puppies, and other pets looking for a new owner.


Key features

  • You can search and browse through the different app listing to get a lovable pet to your space.
  • You can get listings close to your location.
  • Check the description, pics, and other details of the pet you are looking for.
  • You can contact the contact info and get the pet transferred after negotiation.
  • You can post an ad for rescued pets, newborn puppies, or other pets for adoption as well.
  • Simple and light UI
  • Easy communication with owners


Petfinder Adoptable Pets


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Petfinder Adoptable app is available on the iPhone from the apple store. You can get kittens, dogs, cats, birds, fish, rabbits, and other pets filtered by age, location, gender, breed, and size. You can access over 14k adoption group profiles here.


Key features

  • You can browse animals to be your pets from the various databases available on each type.
  • Read the information about each of the pets listed in the app.
  • You can pass or like or add to favourites for further downsizing.
  • Share the listing with your family or friends via social media or email who are looking for a pet.
  • Search rescues and shelters.
  • You can get pet listings based on their personalities like kid-friendly, animal friendly, etc along with breed, size, age, colour, etc.


App for Lost Pets

It's hard to lose your pet's best friend. But no worries, some apps help you find them. One of them is finding rover.

Finding Rover


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Finding Rover is a free app for iOs and Android. Finding Rover makes use of software that utilizes facial recognition with a photo snap to find your lost dog easily. Upload a photo of a lost pet dog and a text to get your find rolling.


Key features

  • Pet face is recognized using facial recognition software.
  • If anyone finds a match, they snap a pic and send a text or call you or each of you via the app.
  • Any dog found straying can be snapped and matched to the database.
  • Upload the lost dog into the database.
  • The finder's dog pic is matched with the database to see if it's the same.


First Aid for Pets App 

Just like humans, pets can get an emergency. In these situations, getting first aid becomes very essential initially. The first aid for a pet's app comes in very handy during this time.

Pet First Aid


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Effective first aid can save the life of your or anyone's pet. Take care of your furry friend. This is an app by the American Red Cross. The app places vet advice for common and everyday emergencies for your pets. With step-by-step advice and interactive quizzes and videos, the app is easy to use.


Key Features

  • Step by steps guidance through emergencies daily at your disposal.
  • Protect the health of your pet by medicine administration, acting in an emergency, behavioural help, etc.
  • Early sign checker for prevention and care.
  • The vet's contact number is programmable on need via the app.
  • Over 25 common pet situations are available with steps.
  • Recognizing common toxic ingestion.
  • Locating closest vet hospital and pet-friendly stay hotels.
  • Set vet appointments.


Dating App for Your Pets 

These apps help you find a dog-loving partner as much as you do. 

Dig-The Dog Person's Dating App


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Dig dating app cuts and connects dog people on their personalities. Not all dogs are the same and can get along. If you are looking for someone with a dog, you can downsize by dog size. It gives you 5 potential dates every day for you. By looking at these profiles, you can choose to go with your dog.


Key features

  • Get the right dig.
  • Find a dog-friendly location close to you.
  • Tips and tricks for pet lovers from trainers and vets
  • Daily deals from pet business spots.
  • Set preferences and status as a dog owner.
  • Your dog is along with you in your profile.
  • Plan your first date with dog-friendly locations.


Game Apps for Pets 

If you are planning to engage your dogs or play games with your pets, then game apps for pets are here for you.

Games for Dogs


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In the Games for Dogs, you will find a fun collection of dog sounds and games to entertain your pet dog. It has games like dog toys but virtually. There are free games like the free mouse hunt game and Dog piano game for your pet and you.


My Talking Pet

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My talking pet app is a big hit app. You can bring your pet to life by making him/her speak realistically. It has lots of pets to select along with your pet. You can change sounds from dog to cat and so on. Add in moustaches, glasses, or hats. Animate your pet and make memes by adding text.



Your pet could be a bird, fish, dog, cat, or another animal; you get help for care, medical help, health, etc. These are pet apps for iPhone from the Apple store and/or pet apps for android that are easily downloadable and used in simple steps.


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