How to Choose a Lawnmower by Type And Characteristics

All thanks to technology and the availability of modern gardening tools that now we can take care of our lawns all by ourselves and that too in a highly convenient way. Photo by Skitterphoto/Pexels

How to Choose a Lawnmower by Type And Characteristics
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Gardens, lawns, and other grassy areas enhance the beauty of your property - whether it is a home or a commercial area. However, they require proper care and maintenance otherwise the grassy patches will turn into rough, unruly areas before even you know it! 

Gone are the days when you'd hire a gardener to chop the tall grass manually, uproot weeds and unwanted plants and keep the gardens and lawns clean and in good shape. All thanks to technology and the availability of modern gardening tools that now we can take care of our lawns all by ourselves and that too in a highly convenient way. 


All you need is to purchase a good quality lawnmower and the rest is up to the machine. However, the problem here is, you can end up confusing yourself after looking at a variety of lawnmowers that are available in the market. To help you pick the best mower, we have compiled this guide with all the information you need to know before making your final purchase. So, without any further delay, let's begin! 


What Is A Lawnmower?

For those who don't know, a lawn mower is a machine or simply equipment that is used for chopping or trimming long and unruly grass in the gardens, lawns, and other grassy areas within a property. Lawnmowers are one of the most important pieces of grooming equipment for property owners around the world. These powerful machines ensure a neat and well-groomed grassland. 


Typically, a lawnmower comes with one or multiple blades that revolve at a high speed to chop the grass evenly. Lawnmowers are very easy and convenient to manoeuvre as they come with wheels, a push handle and/or steering. 


Common Types of Lawnmowers 

To select the best lawnmower depending on your requirements, here is a list of the type of lawnmowers that are used very commonly. 


Electric Lawnmowers 

Electric lawnmowers are the most common lawnmowers of all time. These are basically corded machines that are powered by electricity through the attached wire or cable. These mowers are widely used by homeowners around the world because of their ease of use and affordability. They are ideal for small to medium-sized lawns and gardens. The main benefits of electric mowers include :


  • They are lightweight, hence very easy to manage and use.
  • They come in compact sizes, hence easy to store and transport.
  • They are powered by electricity, so you don't need to charge them or fuel them very often. Just plug and play!
  • They are pretty affordable with prices starting from just $100.


Cordless Lawnmowers 

As the name suggests, these mowers don't have any cable or cord. Instead, they are powered by chargeable batteries. These are best if you're looking for a hassle-free lawn mower that you can use anytime, anywhere. Basically, they have all the benefits of an electric mower minus the hassle of connecting a cable. 


On the downside, they are slightly more expensive than electric mowers. This is the obvious reason that lithium-ion batteries are very expensive. But they're totally worth purchasing as they are lightweight and come with fast charging support. We don't recommend purchasing nickel-cadmium batteries as they don't last very long. 


Gasoline Lawnmowers

These lawnmowers sport engines that run on gasoline or petrol. They don't have any cable and hence, work great for the huge lawns and grass fields where it's very difficult to connect the cable. These are more powerful than the above-mentioned mowers, they cut faster and take less time. With their power, they can be used even to cut tall, thick, and dense grass with great convenience. Further, they are easy to manoeuvre and can work fine for uneven grounds as well. On the downside, these are comparatively heavy and expensive than other mowers. 


Robotic Lawnmowers 

Robot lawnmowers are for those individuals who hate the task of mowing their lawns. These mowers are becoming very popular these days, thanks to technological advancements. 


Robot lawnmowers can do the mowing job themselves without your involvement. All you need to do is program them and leave them on your lawn. They will cut grass, trim the lawn evenly before the timer goes off. While they are not very expensive, they aren't cheap either. You can easily get a robot lawnmower at a reasonable price. However, don't expect them to fall into the affordable category. 



If you have a very large lawn or yard that can exhaust you up while mowing, you can get yourself a riding mower. These are generally in the form of bikes and lawn tractors that you can hop on, handle the steering/handles, and start mowing the area. They make your work super easy, quick, and convenient. The best part is, you enjoy the riding experience. As compared to the walk-along mowers, they offer great efficiency and output. But great features and convenience come with a price tag, remember that. 


Rotary Lawnmowers 

If your lawn is small or medium size and you're looking for a simple yet efficient walk-along mower, a rotary mower is great for you. These are used very commonly for regular lawn maintenance tasks. They usually feature a single blade that rotates at high speed and cuts grass as it comes near it. It's working is very similar to that of a food processor. They are best for long and medium-sized grass and they don't cause any negative impact if you leave them for a little longer. While they are more forgiving and easy to use, don't expect them to offer high precision cutting. 


Cylinder Lawnmowers 

Cylinder mowers or reel mowers come with cylindrical blades that are fixed vertically on the front of the mower. They rotate and cut grass by trapping it between these vertical blades. The number of blades on the cylindrical mower can range from 3 to 12. The idea is, the more the blades, the more precise cutting will be there. These types of mowers are meant for flat and even surfaces, they aren't designed to work on uneven lawns with too many obstacles. They offer a neat and clean-cut that is perfect for creating beautiful stripes on the lawn. Also, they work best with soft and medium-sized grass and can't do well with unruly grass. 


Hovercraft Lawnmowers

As the title hints, these mowers hover a couple of inches above the surface, sitting on air. Because they don't come in contact with the ground and create less friction, they are easy to move around the lawns without causing any damage. They can move in any direction which makes them an ideal choice for uneven and rough lawns. If your garden has a lot of obstacles such as uneven surfaces, trees, plants, flower beds or planters, you can consider getting one of these. They offer great control on the sideways as well. The best part is, they are quite inexpensive. So, you can get one of these if you're on a budget and looking for a great mower. On the downside, they aren't meant for large yards and work best for small areas. 


Main Characteristics To Look For When Buying A Lawnmower 


  • Power

The first main characteristic of a lawnmower is its power. The three main categories based on power are electric mowers, gasoline mowers, and cordless mowers. Each of these types of mowers has its own set of pros and cons and also features. While electric mowers are cheaper, gasoline mowers offer unmatchable efficiency. Similarly, cordless mowers are easy to handle. 


  • Cutting Height And Width 

The cutting width of a lawnmower corresponds to the width of a grass stripe it can cut. The larger the width, the lower the cutting time. 

Here is a quick cutting width guide :

Large yards: 400mm and above 

Medium yards: 350 to 400 mm

Small yards: minimum 300 mm


Coming to the cutting height of lawnmowers, this refers to the height of grass a mower can cut efficiently. There are adjustable mowers also which can be fixed to different heights depending upon the length of the grass. Typically, the cutting height ranges from 20 mm to 60mm.


  • Grass Collector 

It is advised to collect the grass clippings instead of leaving them on the ground. You can use these clippings for mulching and for making compost. If you have a large lawn, look for the high-capacity glass collectors otherwise you'll need to empty the smaller boxes again and again. 


  • Wheel Diameter 

Wheel diameter is an important characteristic for a lawn tractor or riders. Generally, the riders use a 2-number system for specifying the type of tyre they use. For example, in 4.60 - 6, 4.60 inches is the width of the tire and 6 Inches is its diameter. 


  • Cutting Element Material 

The cutting element or the blades of lawnmowers are made from professional-grade carbon steel. Look for blades that are made from medium-carbon steel and not from higher carbon content. 


  • Weight and Dimensions 

Lawnmowers are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Prefer the mowers that are easy to handle and manoeuvre. If the mower is too heavy, it will be difficult to move it along. However, if it's a self-propelled mower, the weight will not cause much difference. 


Top 3 Best Lawnmowers 2021 


Based on the characteristics we have discussed above, you can choose the right lawnmower for yourself. To help you a little bit extra, here are our most favourite lawnmowers that are not only efficient but also come at reasonable prices. 

EGO Self-Propelled Mower - LM2102SP 


This powerful mower by EGO is the most favourite choice of owners with large and medium-sized lawns. It's an electric mower, so you don't have to worry about fueling or charging it again and again. Just plug it in the power source and let it do its job. Further, its foldable design makes it easy to use and store when not in use. It can operate with a single push of a button and uses a single lever. Also, you can easily adjust its height according to the length of the grass on your lawn. Because it is electric, it doesn't cause any damage to the environment due to emissions. Moreover, it doesn't consume a lot of power means you don't have to worry about the electricity bills when using it. 


Not to forget, it doesn't make a lot of noise, so you can do your mowing job without disturbing your neighbours. 



  • High performance
  • Easy to use
  • Doesn't make noise
  • Self-propelled
  • Doesn't require a lot of care


  • No warranty


Makita Cordless Mower - XML02PTX1

If you're worried about your electricity bills and looking for an easy to handle lawn mower for your medium /small lawn, this Makita cordless mower is for you. It features a powerful motor that rotates at a rate of 3,600 rpm which can cut your grass with full precision. It's also adjustable and has the capacity to hold 13 gallons of grass clippings. 


Further, it comes with two powerful batteries with each having 5.0Ah and 18 V of power. Once charged, these batteries will give you a combined runtime of 1 hour which is more than enough for mowing a medium-small sized lawn. It is great for areas such as a large playground, tennis court etc. 



  • High capacity grass collector bag
  • 2 powerful batteries
  • Zero-emission
  • High efficiency
  • Quick charging



  • Plastic wheels
  • Not for large grass fields


Snapper 82V Cordless Walk-along Mower 


Snapper's 82V is a modern cordless mower that you can use as a walk-along machine. It is again a self-propelled mower which means you don't have to worry about connecting it to a power outlet through long cables. It comes with 2 powerful batteries of 2Ah and can offer a run time of 45 minutes. Also, the charger that comes with the product is very fast and efficient. 


This mower is quite durable and features a modern load sensing technology where it first detects the grass size and then adjusts the cutting size according to it. Also, it has a powerful motor and one push start feature that makes it stand out. 



  • 2 powerful batteries
  • 45 minutes run time
  • Smart load sensing technology
  • Brushless motor
  • Sufficient storage.


  • Self-propelled

There you have it, everything about choosing the right lawnmower. We hope our article helps you in making an informed decision. 

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