How to Choose a High Chair For a Baby: Types and Functions

After your baby attains the age of 5 to 6 months, a high chair is a must.

How to Choose a High Chair For a Baby: Types and Functions

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Choosing the right high chair for your baby makes mealtime a pleasing experience. You often see those adorable pictures with chubby cheeks and mashed foods all over the faces. So, what's common in them? You get to see a highchair in each of the pictures. 

When you are about to start giving your baby solid foods, it is very important that you provide a spot for your little one. It is for their safety and ease of cleaning. After your baby attains the age of 5 to 6 months, a high chair is a must. Therefore, having the right chair makes the transition to solids happen more smoothly. 


Why you need a highchair


The main objective of a highchair is to participate in your baby in social feeding activities. That's when fine motor skills are sharpened and practised through the exploration of various kinds of foods. In general, babies are introduced to high chairs when they attain the 5 to 6-month age. 

Traditional chairs don't serve the right way to feed your baby. Comfortably feeding the little one either sitting or standing without bending forward is a must. Highchairs are a better alternative. Eating solid foods like the other family members while sitting around, encourages them to imitate. 

And, that's how they learn the thing. Because the baby sits in one place, cleaning the mess after the meal gets over is much easier. Therefore, to get the most out of a highchair, you have to buy the right one.


How to check the safety of the highchair

It is crucial to check the safety features of the highchair you are about to buy. That way, the chair keeps you out of trouble from causing injuries to your infant. First of all, make sure that the chair has a safety strap. Even if the thing might be in use for a short time, leaving your baby without a harness might be dangerous.

Next, check the joints and screws. Look out if they are locked in tightly. Durability-wise, ensure that you invest in a chair with a wooden seat. Too flimsy and light-weighted can't support your baby properly. Also, look out if the chair has legs with anti-skid features. A soft padding and well-shaped seat help the little one to stay comfortable and explore the surrounding. 


Types of highchairs for a baby



These kinds of chairs are made of sturdy wood. It is processed through heat sterilization. As a result, it is bacteria-free. Also, they are BPA-free as well. The wooden chairs have a cushioned backrest along with a set so that your baby can sit for longer hours. Most of them are adjustable to a certain height. They are easy to assemble and fits in almost every household. 


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 Sturdy metal legged highchairs are favoured by many people for their babies. These kinds of chairs can support babies between 6 months to 3 years. Metal chairs can carry a maximum weight of about 45 pounds or so. These chairs fit everywhere, easy to clean, and you can wrap them up in no time, the seat is machine-washable. The foldable tray comes in handy when you are looking to remove your baby. 


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If you are looking for a foldable design, lightweight, and compact high chair for your baby, plastic chairs are the best option. With this unique piece, you can have your baby seated in your home or on the go. You can even adjust the height according to your needs. The wide, comfortable seat can accommodate babies from 6 months to 3 years. 


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With the game function  

A high chair that combines comfort and elegance is what you may want for your baby. When babies are in good mood, they love to play on their own. Therefore, a highchair with game elements can bring comfort and at the same time engage your baby in playful activities. With all the important security features, it makes your life easier.


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You might want the right setup for your baby so that it can help in the child's development. Versatility is all about having a multifunctional high chair. It works like a conventional high chair, a baby booster, an infant booster, and finally a youth chair. The product is crafted with a reclining seat, easy tray removal, footrest and height adjustment, and a convertible point harness. 


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Looking for a portable high chair for your baby? This hook-on chair can solve your problem. Without legs, these kinds of chairs are quite portable and compact. Also, it is light weighted. Most importantly, it can be folded flat while you are on the go. The durable metal grips and beans hold the chair firmly on the table without making it shaky. Portability is all about carrying a thing anywhere with the least trouble. And, this product just fulfils your desire.


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With removable tabletop 

An adjustable and removable tabletop is easier to clean and helps your baby to feed without trouble. All you need to do is conveniently unlatch the tray and take it over to your sink to get it cleaned. Also, you can adjust the tabletop according to your baby's needs. Apart from this, they have all the important safety features that are needed. 


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A highchair that grows along with your baby from infant to toddler is what many people need. And, such a kind of high chair brings your dream to reality. With a unique 5-position seat adjustment, you can position your baby at your dining table. The body support and headrest make sure that your baby's meal is a nice one. The chair is designed most innovatively so that you can stroll easily with it while using the booster mode. The seat padding is machine washable and wipeable. The one-hand removable tray just adds comfort while you are using it. 


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