How Can I Watch a Horror Movie Without Getting Scared?

Read on some strategies to avoid a heart attack while enjoying the vision of my beloved horror films!

How Can I Watch a Horror Movie Without Getting Scared?

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How to Make Horror Movies Not Scary?


Let's open this article by asking ourselves the question that everyone would like to have an answer to why are we afraid? In reality, explained in a simple way, there are systems that are activated on a physiological and behavioural level after quickly evaluating a specific situation as threatening. After the first look, our brain is already aware of the kind of fear it has awakened in us.

If our brain understands that the kind of fear we are experiencing comes from a situation under control, fear can be pleasant. This is the case of a carousel in an amusement park, a Halloween party, or when we watch a horror movie alone.

The pleasure of fear under control


According to some, the secret of the pleasure of fear lies in control. When the human brain feels a sensation of fear in an environment that does not actually constitute a real danger, the physiological reaction can be really funny, and it is from this contrast that the pleasure we feel in such situations arises.


Watch a horror movie alone


But let's get to the real topic of this article. Sooner or later you will be asked to watch a horror movie and I already see some of you cheering in the face of such an event, puffed up by the fact that you are professional marathons with monsters, vampires, ghosts, particularly heinous killers, and other cool little people. The classic jump scare, that is, that moment in which horror appears suddenly making anyone jump, you do not scratch the usual poker face, nor are you subject to atrocious anxieties during and after the film, which leads you to throw an eye under the tents to make sure that there are no two unknown feet.

You sleep soundly even after seeing the most disturbing of horror: no appearances behind you when you look in the bathroom mirror, no hand stretched out under the bed ready to take you to hell, no partner turning into a lifeless being ready to feed on you at night, no dark corridor likely full of vengeful ghosts, nothing. Blessed, but this article is not for you.

This piece is dedicated to all the others, those who after watching Pennywise from IT were afraid for a week, those who took amphetamines to not sleep after the first Nightmare, who dreamed of Zelda from Pet Sematary or saw Bob from Twin Peaks at the foot of the bed, those who started Hill House on Netflix and after 10 minutes of the first episode put on the Disney Classics marathon so as not to be devoured by anguish. To those like me, come on.

I admit it: I'm a huge horror fan, but I have to see it my way. If I'm with someone, no problem. I pretend a strength of mind that Messner didn't even have while he attacked Everest. I even arrive at the unpleasant practice of making fun of fearful people, simulating the safety of someone who will never be scratched by anything or anyone, let alone a horror film. Then I go home and, in the intimacy of the home, I terrorize myself. In the course of my allergic existence to imperturbability, I have experimented with a lot of strategies to avoid a heart attack while enjoying the vision of my beloved horror films. I will list some of them to make horror movies not scary!

Avoid the big television


Fools, flee the living room! The 50-inch television does not allow for distractions, takes all the view and risks giving you a heart attack. Prefer the small computer screen, which in the grimmest or anxious scenes you can zoom out to follow the Instagram stream for a moment, never let you miss something relevant while recovering.

Neutralize your phone and pets


The smartphone must be put on silent, in order to prevent it from playing in the middle of a scene of pure terror and making you faint of mind with fear. If you have adopted cats and dogs, feed them before the movie and fill them with toys so they won't come and claim you by jumping on you when you least expect it, resulting in unconsciousness and red code in the ER.

Turn on all the lights


Don't worry about the bill, the house must be lit up like a world final at the Maracana. There must not be the slightest shadow, you must see everything perfectly, that perhaps instead of evil spirits you realize that you have not cleaned the house for two months and you are ashamed as well.

Turn down the volume


Did you notice that music is often scarier than images? Without the very strong ZAN ZAN that you hear when the zombie suddenly shows up making you a fan of diapers for small losses, the living dead itself would be significantly less terror, so in the sequences in which you expect the jolt, turn the volume down or down, preferring subtitles so as not to miss the plot.

Watch it at double speed


Meanwhile, imagine the scene: you are in a brightly lit room, you are watching a film without volume with subtitles on a one-and-a-half-inch screen, while next to you there are a destroyed smartphone and some gagged animals. Well, you are quite a sight and in any case, you are still afraid. Come on, take a deep breath and put it at double speed, so you understand a good 45% of the film for speeded-up conversations and at the same time the agony lasts less.


Before going to the cinema, memorize the movie


Now, as long as you get terrified at home it's one thing, but it's not that you can go to the cinema with your friends or your partners and make a bad impression on the titles. There is only one way: find the film and watch it a million times, until you know it by heart. Eventually, resort to technology by placing mobile phone vibration warnings one minute before all compromising scenes, so as to look for the lighting that will not make you fearful in the face of the abyss, but brave leaders who could come in handy in haunted house case. It is a lie and you know it, but once again you will have saved appearances and you will be proud of it during all those sleepless nights that you will pass after having completed this useless test of courage.

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