How can Dinnerware Color Help You to Lose Weight

You may not be aware but the color of your dinnerware can play a significant role in making you eat more or less depending on the color of the dinnerware you choose.

How can Dinnerware Color Help You to Lose Weight

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If you are on a mission to lose weight, you know it will involve at least one thing for sure you must be on a strict diet. But how do you ensure this when you don't feel full until you eat to your heart's content? Is there a natural and subtle way to ensure you eat just enough?


You may not be aware but the colour of your dinnerware can play a significant role in making you eat more or less depending on the colour of the dinnerware you choose. It's not just the dinnerware but even the colours of the dining room or the restaurant can influence the amount of food you eat. Scientists are of the opinion that colour influences your appetite and food may or may not look so appealing if it's served in a dinnerware of a particular colour.


We all have an idea of how our bodies react to the very appearance of food. The appetite gets fired up and the production of saliva in your mouth increases. This is because the neurons in the part of the brain that regulates appetite, the hypothalamus, sends strong signals to the hypothalamus after seeing food. Now let's have a look at how different colours impact your hunger. 


Colours that promote appetite:


White dinnerware

White is a favourite theme of the food industry. It's generally associated with sumptuous eating. Normally, white foods have more carbohydrates. Eating more white foods would mean consuming more calories. 


When you eat from white dinnerware, you are likely to eat more because the food in a white dish may appear less. Although, if you try to limit portions with food, it is quite possible to enjoy the snow-white dinnerware sets.


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Yellow dinnerware

Yellow is another important colour as far as food is concerned. This colour is believed to promote appetite. This is because the colour yellow tends to create a happy vibe around it. There is a feel-good hormone called serotonin. 


When you look at the yellow colour, serotonin gets secreted and you feel happy. One of the colours that restaurants emphasize in their decor and furniture is yellow. Yellow makes you positive and happy. If your food is served on yellow dinnerware, you are likely to eat more. Maybe leave a yellow set for drinks? Aromatic tea or coffee in a yellow cup can invigorate your morning.


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Orange dinnerware

Orange is another colour with a positive vibe. Like yellow, it makes you feel happy and optimistic. Foods that come in orange colour are more enticing and appealing. You tend to eat more when served in orange colour dinnerware. Orange is therefore not the colour of your dinnerware when you are on a weight-loss program. And if you are happy with your weight, then you can safely enjoy the cheerful plates.


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Green dinnerware

Green is another colour that tends to promote appetite. This is a colour that appeals positively to your senses. You seem to presume that green is good and healthy. Maybe, this comes from our ancestors who thought eating green is safe as they thought green was least likely to be poisonous. Taking into account your weight loss program, keep an eye on the serving size even with beautiful green plates.


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Red dinnerware

There is a little confusion about whether red colour promotes or reduces appetite but there is no confusion that it does have an impact on your food intake. As per a recent study, people tend to eat less when served in red dinnerware. It's because the colour red is associated with danger. However, contrary to this perception, there is a strong belief in the food and restaurant industry that the colour red promotes appetite. As such, most red-coloured foods are extremely appealing. The red colour is also widely found on table cloths, napkins, logos, and menus of restaurants.


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Colours that promote weight loss by curbing appetite

Like colours that promote appetite, there are colours that curb appetite. If you use colours that keep your appetite in check, you will eat less and your weight loss program will be a success. Here is a list of some of the colours that seem to reduce appetite.


Blue dinnerware

Blue-coloured foods have not been a big favourite of our ancestors. They suspected them to be poisonous. Blue-colour dinnerware also seems to be less popular in restaurants. It's because the blue discourages overeating. Research shows that a greater contrast between the colours of the plate and the food makes people eat less. A white coloured food like pasta served on a white plate may make you eat more than when it is served on a dark blue plate. So, if you are on a weight loss plan, eating from a dark blue plate is good for you. 


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Grey dinnerware

Grey dinnerware is also less popular in restaurants. It's because they tend to make you eat less. The contrast between the food and the plate has a strong link with the intake of the food. If the contrast is higher, the intake is generally lower. 


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Black dinnerware

Like blue and grey, black, too, is low on popularity when it comes to the colour of dinnerware. But since black dinnerware tends to make you eat less, it is a good option for your weight loss plan. In fact, a black dinnerware set may be the best colour you can go for if you are aiming at losing some extra pounds from your body.


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Final thoughts

While it is much more important what you eat for your figure, there is also a connection with the colour of the dishes from which you eat. Even if you are a fan of white plates, try to vary your meals to a different colour, you might like the result.

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