Eco-friendly Dinnerware: What You Should Know About Bamboo Plates on Your Table

If you are planning to invest a bamboo sets, then you need to know some of the interesting facts about this kind of dinnerware.

Eco-friendly Dinnerware: What You Should Know About Bamboo Plates on Your Table

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Having the best dinnerware to serve your guests or your family members is a great idea. Have you ever considered going a bit off-beat when it comes to dinnerware? You can definitely choose a better option than that of glass or ceramic. How about bamboo? Yes, bamboo dinnerware pieces and sets are getting more and more popular these days. With the unconventional looks, it has become a top favourite for many households. If you are planning to invest in one of the best sets, then you need to know some of the interesting facts about the dinnerware made up of bamboo.


As we all know bamboos are quite durable and tableware made up of this material is not only eco-friendly but also biodegradable in nature. The dinnerware pieces made up of bamboo look quite charming and classy. They not only look nice but also feel good and stylish. It can have a great impression on your guests too. 


How is bamboo dinnerware made?


Bamboo is known for its durability and resistance power. Hence, the dinnerware made up of this material can be really a great option to consider. The bamboo dinnerware i.e. the plates, glasses, bowls, etc. are made from a part of the bamboo plant known as a sheath. The sheath is an outer layer that is a protective layer on the culm of bamboo. This mainly grows in the younger plants.


When the bamboo plants reach a certain age of maturity, this part i.e. the sheath falls off from the plant. This sheath is collected by the workers and then it is cleaned properly and boiled. After that, this sheath is designed, laminated according to the desired thickness. Then it is pressed and bonded to get the particular shape. Once the thickness and shape are achieved, it is customized and styled according to the requirements to create the desired bamboo fibre dinnerware pieces and sets. 

Are bamboo plates safe to eat from?


Bamboo is a 100% natural material that is completely non-toxic in nature and naturally antimicrobial. They are completely safe and eco-friendly in nature as it is a plant-based material. Bamboo, as a gram, is quite resilient and adaptive in nature. As it has a naturally great growth rate and self-regeneration capability, it doesn't require artificial pesticides or toxins to keep it perfect. The dinnerware pieces made up of bamboo are completely eco-friendly and biodegradable too with no toxins in them.

So, if you are confused about whether or not this dinnerware made up of bamboo is safe, then there is nothing to worry about. The dinnerware pieces made up of bamboo is completely safe and free of toxins. The process of making bamboo plates or other pieces of dinnerware is also safe. No unsafe (toxins) materials are added during the process. Hence you can choose bamboo dinnerware for kids. It will be safe for them. 


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There is no harm in choosing bamboo dishes or plates for your kids. They don't contain harmful and toxic materials like BPA and PVC. BPA is a toxic chemical that can cause several health hazards. It is responsible for impairing the immunity system, reproductive system, etc. It can also cause neurological problems. Though the pure bamboo plates don't have PVC or BPA in them, still it is better to double-check the facts. While buying, make sure to read the label to check whether or not the bamboo dinner set that you are buying is BPA-free and PVC-free. 

Is bamboo dinnerware hygienic?


When you are having food, you need to ensure that you are having it in the purest form. You should not let any toxins enter your body. The good news is that bamboo is a 100% natural material that is not only toxin-free but also antimicrobial and antibacterial in nature. So, you will just need warm water and dishwashing soap to clean them after every use. They are completely hygienic and safe. 


You can definitely buy reusable bamboo dinnerware sets and wash them properly before and after every use. Once you have washed them, make sure to dry them properly too. Prolonged moisture on any surface can encourage mildew growth. So, use a paper towel or a cotton towel to wipe the dinnerware pieces properly before putting them back into your cabinet. This will keep your dinnerware completely hygienic and safe. 


So, these dinnerware pieces made up of bamboo is completely hygiene because:


  • Antibacterial property: As bamboo is completely antibacterial in nature, it doesn't absorb any odour. They don't encourage the growth of bacteria.
  • Easy to clean: One of the most important aspects of hygiene is cleanliness. The bamboo dishes are easy to clean and maintain. Neither they get stained easily nor do they absorb odour.
  • Eco-friendly: Also, they are completely bio-degradable in nature which means it will not hurt the environment once it is thrown away.


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How to take care of bamboo dishes?


As the popularity of bamboo dinnerware is increasing every day, many people want to buy it. But there are many questions or queries that come to their mind regarding these bamboo dishes. As this is new material, people have certain questions regarding how to take care of them. Whether it is about cleaning or using it in a microwave, there can be many questions. Here are some of those answers to the most important questions that people ask often about these bamboo plates and dishes:

Can you microwave a bamboo plate?

This is the most frequently asked question that every person asks. As technology is advancing, people are using a number of appliances to make their work easier and better. Using the microwave is one of them for heating foods. But if you are using dinnerware made up of bamboo, then the answer is NO! You cannot microwave your bamboo dishes or plates. The microwave can cause these bamboo plates to dry out which will reduce the lifespan of the product. Though some of the companies may claim that their bamboo dishes are complete microwave-safe, it is highly recommended not to do it. This will ensure that your bamboo plates will remain safe and stay longer.

How long do these bamboo plates last?

Bamboo is quite popular for its durability. When it comes to bamboo plates, they are also quite durable and they have an enviable ability to fight wear and tears. They cost a lot lesser than most of the plates made up of durable and safe materials. You can even serve the heaviest of meals on these plates but it will not snap, bend or even crack. There is no risk in using these plates for any meal. If you take proper care of these bamboo plates, then these plates can last for 2 to 3 years of daily use without having any issues at all.

Can bamboo plates go into the dishwasher?

Though the bamboo dinnerware set comes with a dishwasher safe label, it is highly recommended that you don't use a dishwasher for washing bamboo plates. As they are non-toxic in nature and are lightweight, they can easily be placed into the dishwasher for cleaning and washing. But it is STRONGLY recommended to avoid the dishwasher as much as possible for cleaning or washing the bamboo dishes. The heat of the dishwasher and the harsh detergent can cause a lot of harm to your bamboo plates. It is better to use warm water and mild soap to gently cleaning the bamboo dishes before wiping them to dry.


Hope these answers help you to find out some of the important questions that come to your mind. The rest of the instructions will be mentioned in the boxes whenever you buy any bamboo dinner set from the stores. You can also ask the sales manager or person about anything extra related to the particular set you are buying. This is because sometimes one set may vary from another because of various factors. In such cases, you have to know special care tips for taking good care of the sets.



In the detailed information above, it is quite evident that these bamboo dishes and bowls can be quite a great addition to your kitchen. Not only they look and feel amazing but they are also easy to maintain and clean. They are lightweight and hence you will not have any issues serving from them or eating your meal on the plate. Most important thing is that these sets are very durable in nature and can also last for a long time. They are completely valued for money.


If you are looking for the best bamboo dinnerware for your daily use, then you can check the amazing collection online. You will be amazed that nowadays these bamboo dishes and bowls are available in such beautiful designs and intricate styling. If you are wondering whether or not it is worth getting a dinnerware set made up of bamboo, then close your eyes and get one! These are affordable, easy to maintain, safe, and hygienic ones that you can use daily. From kids to elderly people, everyone can use these dishes made up of bamboo. 


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