Colour Guide: How to Choose Upholstered Furniture for a harmonious interior

When choosing a sofa and other upholstered furniture, first determine the colour type that you like. Photo by Isaw Company/Pexels

Colour Guide: How to Choose Upholstered Furniture for a harmonious interior

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How to choose upholstered furniture


  • When it comes to Selecting a manufacturer make sure to research and thoroughly check the reputation of the company, its assortment, quality of models, price, and customer reviews. You don't want your furniture to fall apart!
  • Design - If you are making a new renovation, then you should first decide what will play the role of an accent in the room - decoration or furniture.
  • Upholstery - Textile or leather? Each type has its own characteristics and advantages.

Remember that furniture must not only be carefully chosen but also thought out where you will decide to put it so that the interior looks as advantageous as possible. When choosing a sofa and other upholstered furniture, first determine the colour type that you like. 


This could be:

  • Monochrome - It can be furniture of a neutral colour: black, white, grey, beige, grey-beige, light brown, etc.
  • Furniture in bright colours: red, orange, green, yellow, purple, etc.
  • With a pattern: pattern, print, ornament, any other kind of image, etc.


Choosing the colour of the sofa, you will need to decide on the selection criteria:

1. It is irrational to choose the colour of the sofa based only on fashion trends. Fashion changes very quickly, and good furniture is not cheap and is a long term item.

2. If you have an interior designer then it is necessary to pay attention to the advice of a specialist.

3. To choose the right colour for the sofa, experts recommend focusing on the colour scheme of the walls. There is no need to buy upholstered furniture to match the wallpaper, it will "get lost" with the background. It is better to choose a sofa in a different colour that matches the overall style of the room.

4. Before choosing a sofa, you need to decide on the room in which it will be placed. The soft furnishings in muted colours are suitable for the calm atmosphere of the bedroom. And for the living room, you can choose a bright colour scheme. Walls painted in pastel colours will harmonize with the bright colour of the furniture.

5. Sofa of neutral light colour (beige, sand, grey) looks good in any interior. But some colours require complementation. For example, cream and brown tones require surroundings with brighter colours.


Practical advice on how to choose the right colour for upholstered furniture


Attentively explore the room in which you plan to put upholstered furniture, imagine how other furniture will be combined with the new item, and, for example, whether you intend to change the colour of the walls in the near future. If you like their colour scheme, then choose a sofa in addition to this tone. If the main focus is on the flooring of the room, in this case, the colour of the upholstered furniture should correspond to the shade of the floor.


It is not necessary to repeat the shade for all interior items. It is enough that, for example, the sofa matches the colour scheme of the room. It is better if the upholstery is slightly different from the general tone. Before buying light or white upholstered furniture, ask a consultant how easy it is to clean it. Are there removable covers? This will greatly facilitate the care of the furniture product since it can be periodically washed or dry-cleaned.


Undoubtedly, sofas in dark colours are more practical. Upholstery with a dark or coloured pattern masks dirt well. As an option, show the plan of your room, photos of the interior, samples of colour solutions for walls and floors to the sales consultant of the upholstered furniture shop. A specialist will give advice on how to choose the colour of the sofa in accordance with the design of the room space.


If you have found the "perfect" sofa or armchairs, take your time. The same piece of furniture can look different in the interior of a furniture showroom and the space of your room. Pay attention to the texture of the fabric. When asked how to choose the colour of a sofa, design experts recommend choosing neutral shades of its upholstery. This Style and individuality of your interior can be emphasized with accessories: cushions, soft bolsters, or a blanket. If necessary, it is easier and cheaper to replace these elements than all upholstered furniture.


Helpful tips on how to choose your upholstered furniture colour:


• If you are not satisfied with the colour of the sofa, do not rush to buy a new one. You could use a cover temporarily.

• If you like to periodically "change the environment", you can order 2-3 sets of removable covers for your furniture and change depending on the season. For summer, covers made of light natural fabrics are suitable, in winter dense textured materials look good.

• Covers for your upholstered furniture can be not only a ready-made solution but also be made to order and for curtain lovers, it is possible to order covers and window decoration in the same colour scheme and texture.


Interesting solutions for the interior colours



The colour of the sofa and walls correspond to the same colour scheme and differ in shades. For example beige walls - a brown sofa or light-blue walls a dark blue sofa.


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Photo by Curtis Adams/Pexels



For the walls of a discreet shade, you can choose furniture in other neutral colours: white, black, grey, beige, grey-beige, brown. Examples: it is recommended to choose a grey sofa for walls painted in beige; a black sofa is suitable for the white colour of the walls.


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Photo by Claudia Schmalz/Pexels



Neutral soft furniture in a coloured interior

For bright coloured walls, it is better to choose a sofa in neutral colours. This solution will help maintain the colour balance.


A coloured sofa in a neutral interior

For a restrained austere interior, you can choose a sofa in a bright colour. Such a colour spot will expressively emphasize the style, dilute the colour tranquillity. Example: For a room with a mix of white and grey, you can choose a bright red, blue, green or orange sofa.


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Photo by Dayana Brooke/Unsplash


An accent in a neutral interior on one item of bright colour will emphasize the originality of the room design. This colour combination is suitable for a modern style. This technique is also used in the Baroque style. Such an accent can be duplicated for some other object in the interior, for example, a sofa and curtains or an armchair and a vase in one bright colour scheme. However, do not overdo it, as the presence of many "bright spots" will reduce the expressiveness of the room.



In the combined project, the colour of the upholstered furniture contrasts with the general background of the room. Examples: the walls are red - the sofa is blue, green walls - an orange sofa, the walls are blue - the sofa is red. Before choosing the colour of your sofa, think carefully about the interior colour plan. If you prefer restraint, calmness, and balance, look at the first three plans. For lovers of extravagance and original solutions, the last two projects are suitable.


How to choose upholstered furniture for different types of rooms

The choice of upholstered furniture depends on the room for which it is purchased. Pastel-coloured upholstery suits the bedroom. Calm colours are soothing, conducive to relaxation and rest. If you prefer patterned upholstery, then the print should not be bright and large. To create depth in a small bedroom, light and airy tones will do.


Living room

The most important room in an apartment is the living room. A gathering place for the whole family and receiving guests. The effective colour scheme of the interior evokes a feeling of joy and contributes to a positive attitude. For the living room, it is better to choose a sofa in a rich colour, possibly with a large and noticeable print or pattern.



Brightly coloured furniture harmonizes well with the interior of the kitchen. Red and orange shades have an exciting effect on the nervous system, raise mood, improve appetite. But if you are a dieter, it is better to choose furniture in soothing colours.


Children's room

The choice of upholstered furniture for a children's room must be approached responsibly since colours affect the emotional state. If your child is very active, then neutral shades will have a calming effect on your children. Rich colours and expressive patterns or designs are acceptable for a timid child's room. If the child has a bed in the room, and there is no special need for a sofa, this does not mean that there can be no other upholstered furniture here.


For example, bean bags will harmoniously fit into the interior of the children's room and complement the colour scheme. Bright models of bean bags will make the interior colourful and interesting.


Furniture Set 

If you purchase the furniture separately it is better to choose a sofa chair in accordance with one of the colour combinations:


1."Accent" - The emphasized armchair will stand out from the overall neutral tone. Example: A sand coloured sofa is combined with beige walls and bright armchairs. You can choose any shades: red, green, blue, purple. This contrast will effectively emphasize the individuality of the room.


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Photo by Ralph Kayden/Unsplash


2." Neutral" - Upholstered furniture in two neutral colours compliments each other nicely. This would suit well in a cosy living room.

3." Neutral chairs with a coloured sofa" - Here the sofa is a bright colour spot, and neutral chairs will compliment it. When the emphasis is on a bright and chunky piece of furniture, an armchair in neutral tones helps to avoid excess colour. For example, it is better to choose grey chairs for a blue sofa, and red ones will complement the discreet beige ones.

4."Ornaments and monotony" - You do not have to choose all upholstered furniture with the same upholstery texture. A single-colour sofa is originally combined with armchairs of the same shade, but with a pattern, ornament or print. As an example, a blue sofa will be complemented by armchairs with white colour on a blue background. This colour scheme will emphasize the artistic unity of the living room interior in a classic style.

5. "Double" - In a neutral interior, you can make an interesting accent with two bright colours. A red sofa and several blue armchairs are harmoniously combined with grey walls. 

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