Announcing Of a Reevo e-Bike: Reaching a New Level of Comfort and Style

According to representatives of the company, their team has been striving for the past four years to build a design that is perfect in terms of technical aspects and designing.

Announcing Of a Reevo e-Bike: Reaching a New Level of Comfort and Style
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What is Beno Technology?

Beno is an acronym for Be Innovative, Since the establishment of the company in 2016, with headquarters in Seattle and manufacturing and prototyping in Penang, Malaysia. According to them, the organization focuses on modern-day technology to build vehicles that are long-lasting with distinctive features. The company is contributing to the future by developing designs that are not only stylish but also provides safety and convenience to the user. 


According to representatives of the company, their team has been striving for the past four years to build a design that is perfect in terms of technical aspects and design. The prototype of the e-bike to be launched is almost at its final stages which is going to launch soon in 2021 and it is ready for pre-order. The company claims it to be the most secure and theft-proof bike ever built. It diverts your focus from worrying about a parked bike and makes you feel free like a bird. 


Discussing the prototype of the upcoming e-bike, the CEO of the company, Alec Lim said: "Our motive is to ease the troubles faced by people who use electric bikes. We aim to develop unique functionalities with clean designs that help the user ride normally on the road without any mishap." Adding to this, he said: "Reevo aims to provide satisfaction to the riders, riding in urban areas. It is designed such that there will be no maintenance cost yet the design and experience you will have will be undeniably great." 


The future Reevo's e-bike comes with a unique triple barrier anti-theft system which includes, GPS tracking, biometric security, and motion sensing. Its fingerprint sensor is there to lock or unlock the bike. It will have wheeled storage and an integrated light system which is housed in the wheel. Along with that, it will also have brake lights. The light sensor detects light and automatically turns it on and off. It will come with a head and tail light providing you maximum security by being visible even in low light conditions. 


Announced Reevo e-bike feature highlights:

Its triple barrier anti-theft system is of extreme importance, which includes, fingerprint sensor, an integrated lock that is built into the frame, along GPS tracking that detects motion. The fingerprint lock/unlock system offers a high level of security as compared to the general proximity-based Access Control system. It is possible due to the unique genetic material, which varies from human to human, that can be detected from fingerprints. 


This security system is much safer as no one else but the owner of the bike will be able to unlock it. The period of using codes and access cards has long gone. It is time for the biometric system which is not possible for a passerby to break. The fingerprint sensor makes it more convenient by just locking and unlocking the electric bike with just one touch. This fingerprint sensor, therefore, prevents your bike from being stolen and provides maximum security. 


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One of its important features includes Integrated GPS with motion detection. It is of great significance to locate the bike. Integrated GPS sets the geofencing radius (which uses GPS technology to create a boundary, as a result whenever a mobile device enters or leaves a particular area it causes the software to trigger a response). Using this geofencing technique, you can know when and where your bike is, without the fear of it being theft. 


This feature helps you while you go to the park or a street for shopping, you can park the bike anywhere and forget about its protection. On returning, see the bike exactly where you parked it. This upcoming Hubless Reevo e-bike has wheels that are connected to a sturdy light. Its wheels are centerless. This e-bike is specially designed for night riders, with its sleek matte black finishing and light frame, integrated into the wheels. The automatic lock is also housed in a frame that is out of reach from thieves. 


It functions on a motor of 750 watts in the US and 250 watts for riders in the EU. E-bike charging time is just 3 hours. One can simply detach the battery for an instant charge which only takes 3 hours. It means to put in on charge just 3 hours before leaving the house and you are good to rock the whole day. 


The future Hubless e-bike will have Ultra-bright automatic LED brake lights and headlamps, which turns on and off automatically depending upon the intensity of light. This could provide you with protection even while riding at night. It has an ambient light-detecting sensor, which detects darkness and manages the intensity of light accordingly, thus making Reevo's e-bike safe for night riders. 


Its wheels also offer storage using a Beno bag. Its modern-day centerless wheels provide a saddle for better safety, along with a weather resistance sling bag that does not rotate with the wheels. 


E-bike has an invisible kickstand and wheel storage hooks. 


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Announced Reevo e-bike geometry characteristics:

  • Wheel size – 27.5 ( 650B)
  • Seat tube – 48.2/19.0
  • Seat tube angle – 71.9
  • Head tube length – 10.1/ 4.0
  • Head angle – 69.6
  • Effective top tube – 65.0/ 25.6
  • Bottom bracket drop – 4.4/ 1.7
  • Chainstay length – 43.3/ 17
  • Wheelbase – 113.37/ 44.6
  • Standover – 59.1/ 23.3
  • Stem Length -  35 (S/M), 50 (M/L), 65 (XL) .* Customized ( add on perk on checkout).

*All measurements provided in cm/inch.


Announced Reevo e-bike specifications:

  • Allowable Rider weight – 120 kg/ 265 lb
  • Bike weight – 55 lb
  • Frame material – Aluminum alloy
  • Body material – Impact resistant ABS
  • Motor power – 250W (EU) 750W (US)
  • Motor – Reevo e-drive
  • Top speed – 25 mph (US), 25 km/h ( EU)
  • Adaptive pedal assist
  • Colour – Stealth black
  • Available size – S/M ( 5’2-5’9) and M/L ( 5’9- 6’3)
  • Battery type- Lithium-Ion (LG cell)
  • Range – 60km/37 miles
  • Connectivity – Bluetooth (app), GSM, and GPS ( antitheft)
  • Max phone size – 6’5
  • Electric wheel lock
  • Motion sensor
  • Reevo app
  • USB charger
  • Wheel storage hooks
  • Throttle ( can be available on 750W US version only )

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