15 Tips on How to Work at Home More Effectively

How to establish effective long-term remote work?

15 Tips on How to Work at Home More Effectively
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Due to the coronavirus, quarantine measures have affected millions of inhabitants of the planet, many companies had to switch to remote work. How to establish effective long-term remote work?


Working from home has both advantages and disadvantages:

  • no need to waste time sitting in traffic on the way to the office.
  • you can independently form your work schedule.
  • it is possible to spend less time on the work process if the results can be achieved faster.
  • working at home, you can eat well, and not eat unhealthy snacks like at the office.
  • you can work in casual clothes instead of a suit and tie.


Other advantages already depend on the specifics of your work. We will be glad if you share in the comments what else you like about working at home. However, working from home also has its drawbacks:

  • the boundaries of the working day and schedule are blurring and shifting.
  • It is not always possible to completely distract from household chores and focus on work, as you may be distracted.
  • it becomes difficult to interact with colleagues and it becomes longer to resolve urgent issues.


Here are 15 tips to help you make your work more effectively.


1.Communication with people. 

Even for introverts all day alone, it's not easy. Sometimes communication with friends, colleagues, and even a coffee break is also useful in having a chat with colleagues online can add some motivation.


2. Organize your workspace. 

This space can be organized even in a small apartment. While in this workspace, do only work tasks. Make it clear to your family that while you are in the workplace, you are not available and need to focus. A sofa as a workplace is a bad idea. 


3. Plan your workday. 

When planning, it is important to draw up work plans for the day, for the week, for the month. If you know in what period of the day you are most active, then plan the most important things for this time. Also, keep your management and your colleagues informed about your plans. For faster communication with colleagues, you can create a separate messenger channel so as not to waste time on telephone conversations and not wait a long time for an answer to an e-mail.


4. Determine the length of the working day. 

It is recommended to set the end of work in advance - or, if this is not possible, complete a task that will finish your work for the day.


5. Say no to pyjamas! 

Clothing affects our mood. Scientists at the University of Hertfordshire note that clothing often has a symbolic meaning for a person. When we put on a certain type of clothing, our brain adjusts to its purpose and can affect how we think," - explain the researchers. This will help you to work efficiently even from home.


6. Work somewhere else too. 

Coworking space or another place outside the home sometimes. Outside the home, you do not need to do your household chores and be distracted from home life especially if you have children.


7. Limit yourself. 

Setting deadlines for your work goals will keep you on track.


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8. Record your work activities.

One of the most important work points in working at your home office is that you need to record all your activities. This is the only way to share progress with colleagues and management. If you do not use a management tool, you can simply write a list of tasks in a notebook and cross them out as you go. Writing lists daily or weekly depending on your work reporting is very useful because they help you and management keep track of work progress. If you record all your tasks and the time that is taken to complete them, it will not be difficult for you to report based on this information.


9. Physical activity. 

Working out for a short period can improve your mood and make you feel energized. If you do this before or in between working hours, you can increase efficiency and productivity.


10. Disable social media. 

Looking at photos on the likes of Instagram is unlikely to help you be more efficient in the workplace and can slow down productivity.


11. Encourage yourself. 

Aiming towards Reaching your goal is very motivating. As an example, once you achieve your desired goal you can spoil yourself with a cookie or fruit smoothie and pretend that it is your award.


12. Break time. 

You can set the optimal duration for work, followed by a short rest. The main thing is to observe it. The breaks should be regular, according to your schedule - this will allow you to not fall out of the work rhythm.


13. Rest is important! 

By working from home, you save time that would have been spent commuting to the office. And if you live in a big city, then this is a significant time-saver. This will give you more time to complete your daily tasks. Make it your rule after a certain time you are not working or responding to non-urgent requests from colleagues. Spend more time on yourself. Relax, or sign up for any courses you have wanted to do, or just turn your phone off and have some quiet time.


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14. Separate work and personal life. 

Don't try to do everything at the same time. This is almost the most important thing, especially when you have kids explaining this to them is a difficult task as they might not understand. Try setting some time aside for an hour to play with them rather than constantly being distracted. If you are constantly being distracted, then you will not achieve high-quality work and the child will be offended if you get annoyed with them.


15. Create a working audio atmosphere. 

Some people tune in to a work rhythm with the music, others work better in silence ... anyway, headphones are a must-have. Either for your favourite tunes or noise-cancelling headphones. However, in any case, it is better to do your tasks without a Netflix series playing in the background.


We hope the tips were helpful. Or maybe you have your hacks for effective work from home? Share with us in the comments and we'll be happy to put together the perfect list of tips with you!

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