15 awesome Ideas for a Home Office: creating an Effective Mood

Home offices were usually not considered a thing if we went four to five years back. Today, quarantine condition due to Covid-19 has impelled the people to make a workplace at home to work from home comfortably. Photo by Ekaterina Bolovtsova: Pexels


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When we think of a workplace, a comfortable chair, and an organized desk come to our mind. It is necessary to have props around our working corner that increase productivity and reduce distractions while we work. This article will cover all aspects of a home office, either in a big house or a small apartment. 

Home Office ideas for small apartments

Living in a concise apartment, you must be worried about making a workplace at home, do not worry. Here are some minimal home office ideas. 

Office on a ladder 

You can either purchase a ladder having a few slabs or create a DIY ladder at home. This ladder office will consume less than a quarter of your wall. A laptop, pen holder and few other accessories can be placed on the table. Store other essential documents in a drawer beneath the table. A staircase office is a cool idea to make a home office using minimal space, keeping your apartment's beauty. 

Floating shelves office 

Try finding a free wall in your apartment. You will definitely have one. Install two to three floating wooden shelves on the wall and place a simple horizontal table underneath those shelves. 

Adding floating shelves will save the space of having a giant table. It also keeps your documents and other office necessities organized, which you can pick directly from the there-no mess on the ground and a less consumed space. You are ready to have productive office timings. 

Corner office 

Having a corner office is a great idea. All you need to do is find a table that fits in any corner of your house. Place a comfortable chair and a few shelves on the wall. You can also purchase a table with drawers instead of installing shelves. The purpose is to keep the stuff organized. Just go with the way you like.

Hideaway desk

If you have a small cabinet or a bookshelf in the house, built a hideaway desk in it. It is a great idea to save space. The bookshelf must have drawers or shelves where you can place office equipment. A simple bookshelf cum home office in your house consuming almost no extra space. 

Balcony office

Balcony office

If your apartment has a balcony, and if it is glazed and soundproofed, consider yourself the luckiest person. Clean out the mess from your balcony because you are going to have a unique office there.

Select some comfortable floor cushions and a laptop table. Here is your unique minimalist balcony office. Make sure to have a wi-fi connection strong enough to provide signals to your balcony. You can replace the cushions and laptop table with an office desk and chair depending upon how big or small your balcony is. 

Stylish minimal office 

Were you looking for some modern and stylish minimal office idea? We got you one. Find a space wide enough to place a table. Select a colour combination. We will suggest you go with a light colour for a wall backdrop and combine it with something like cosy pink. 

Paint the table and chair accordingly. Install some sceneries and frames with motivational quotes; look how stylish your home office looks. 

TV wall unit into a home office  

In this era, who doesn't have a TV wall unit? You must have a TV wall unit installed in the lounge. All you need is to upgrade it a bit. Create a DIY floating table that can be removed and fit back to the TV wall unit. This is a great idea to turn your TV lounge into a home office without consuming much space. 

Home office ideas for big houses

If you have a house big enough to spare a separate room for an office, these ideas are for you. Select the best one according to your comfort.

Library Office 

Setup several bookshelves up to the roof around the walls of the room. The fourth wall will be your working place. Design a table and other office furniture according to the theme of the room. Don't forget to add some printed curtains and chesterfield sofas to give it a study room look.

Serene office 

If you are a peace lover and a minimalist, this serene office is for you. Select a light colour for the wall backdrop. Place a table and chair of your choice against a wall. For the wall, either go with a chalkboard sheet or a calendar. These things will help you keep organized. The chalkboard can be used for some creativity, daily to-do-lists, or a handmade calendar.

Outdoor office

Outdoor office

Having a lawn is truly a blessing. You can set up your home office in a shaded area on your lawn. What kind of furniture you place there depends on you. You can place a table and chair or some floor cushions and a laptop table. The choice is yours. 

Night owl 

Your office hours are late at night, or you feel productive working at night? Then the office setup should be according to the time you are working. A high voltage glowing bulb is your need in that case. Buy a floor lamp and place it on your side table. You are ready to generate ideas for the whole night. 

Office Anywhere 

No, we are not asking you to set up the office at the beach or in the forest. But why not bring some nature to your home? Yes, you can have a big-picture view of the beach on the wall right in front of your working table. The picture will give you the peace of mind that will let you be productive throughout the office timings.

Coworking home office 

If you live in a place with a friend or a wife who also works from home, you should make a shared workplace. Have a long working table with two or more chairs, equal lamps and everything enough for two people. Such a shared working space at home makes you feel like working in an office that enhances your productivity.

Office under the staircase

Home office under the staircase

One very unique idea is creating a mini office under a staircase. The space is usually wide enough to fit a table with a wall large enough to hang some paintings, crafts, and quotes. Making the office under a staircase is the best use of space in a house. 

Office with a view

Photo by  Visually Us / Pexels

If your house is on the top floor of a building, you must have a large window with a peaceful view. Don't let that space go waste. Make it an office. Set up your table and chair in front of the window, and you are ready to have peaceful working days in front of the serene view. 

Tips for organizing the workplace

The place where you work has a significant impact on your productivity. Your office should be pleasant enough to let you sit there for hours. Some tips you may adopt to make the serene environment are:

Pleasant things that affect your mood

Place mini indoor plants at your table, or go for vibrant coloured decoration pieces on a white backdrop. Add some stylish stationery or colourful knick-knacks. You can also add some frames with motivational quotes on them and a beautiful mug of coffee. You will see how such small things boost your mood in no time, making the environment friendly for working.

Hang a calendar on your front wall. Chalkboard sheet on the wall is also an excellent idea to keep yourself organized. You can use little sticky notes to pen your tasks and stick them on the wall. Bulletin boards are also a great idea.

While talking about organizing your documents and other office equipment, you can purchase a drawer organizer. The organizer has a lot of compartments for giving everything a home. This saves you from the mess in your drawer and makes it easy to find things.

For the table, you can purchase a clear acrylic tray. You can keep all your essential documents in it-no worries about losing your documents and have a clean table forever. 

Best place for the workplace

The best spot for work at your home is the one without noise. It is you who has to find out. Once found, set up a proper table and desk. Working on a couch or a bed will only make you lazy. Set up decent lighting at the work spot. Dull lighting will make you drowsy and less productive. Also, decorating your workplace is an essential element. Don't forget to add some tiny colourful props. 

The chair you are choosing also has a significant impact on your work. Make sure to select an ergonomic chair. Not only should the chair be adjustable, but it should also be comfortable. Ergonomic chairs are best for office work. They also help prevent injuries like back pain. 

The colour scheme for workplace

Colour has a vital role in controlling human emotions. Different colours have different effects. For example, Yellow colours evoke feelings of creativity and optimism. It is necessary to consider what effect certain colours will cause your mood while working. Considering this, you should create a combination of white (important for promoting creativity) with some high-saturation colours like green, blue, or yellow. High-saturation colours are more stimulating. 

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