10 Best Dog Pokemon in the Pokemon Universe

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Many dog Pokemon designs have been inspired by their real-world counterparts and mythical creatures. Their strengths and weaknesses also appear to mirror that of their real-world counterparts which have dog pokemon to many canine lovers across the globe. These Canine Pokemon can easily be trained and formed into a formidable army that is capable of routing all opponents.

Dog-like Pokémon


Fans first came across this canine Pokemon back in 2010 as part of the events for Generation V. The dog Pokemon instantly caught people’s attention with its red hair, fiery eyes, and dark greyish fur. Appearing in its pre-evolved form as Zoura, it was designed based on a supernatural fox in Japanese tradition known as Kitsune.

Physiology of the Zoroark



In the Unova region, the fox-like Pokemon spots a dark grayish fur with a long and spiky tail that has grey at its edges. Its fiery eyes are lined with red and its crimson mouth compliments the black fur around its neck. Its main features are teal-colored bands and its red sharp claws add to its feistiness.

They are also fond of concealing their young (Zoura) in their manes. The Unova Zoroark is famous for risking its life to protect its loved ones and can hold grudges against enemies who inflict harm on its family.



Unlike its Unova form, Zoroark the dog-like Pokemon showcases light gray fur, a white mane, and navy blue claws on both hands and feet. It has yellow eyes that are lined with red on the edges and the inside of its ear is colored deep blue. The dog-type Pokemon features crimson spots on its body fur that indicates its hatred for humans and other Pokemon.

The behavior of the Zoroark


Zoroarks are naughty creatures who have a high sense of duty towards their family and their homes. To protect their abodes the dog like Pokémon uses illusions to trick their enemies and ward them off their property. That is why it is named the illusion fox Pokémon.

Lonely trainers may use dog-like Pokemon to ease their loneliness.


These breed of Zoroarks are more feisty and dangerous than the ones in the Unova region. The violently attack their victims with terrifying illusions. Though they are fierce, the Hisusan Zoroak displays a soft spot for its children, humans, and other Pokémon that they trust.

In Pokémon Shield and Sword, Zoroark is a Dark Type Illusion fox Pokemon which means it is weak against the Bug, Fighting, and Fairy Type Pokémon.


The Lycanroc is a Rock type of pokémon whose pre-evolved form was a Puppy Pokemon Ruffrock. Introduced in Generation VII, the creature is a canine Pokemon that looks like a fox. The Lycanroc has three forms which are the Dusk form, Midday form, and Midnight form.

The Midday form and Midnight form were based on the design of the legendary pokemon Solgaleo and Lunala respectively while the Dusk form was influenced by the setting sun.


The dog Pokemon in its Midday form is a four-footed nut brown wolf with white paws and a voluminous tail. It has a milky spiky color and brown pointed ears with blue eyes. It has a pointed nose and sharp fangs that are visible once his mouth is opened.

 Midday form

Its Midnight form features dark crimson fur and a thick mane that starts from the top of its head to its back. It is a slouched two-footed dog-type pokemon with red eyes and short ears.

Midnight form pokemon

The Dusk form of this loyal dog pokémon shares a striking resemblance with the Midday form except for its orange body and green eyes. Its mane that runs from the top of its head to the back resembles that of the Midnight. When it becomes aggressive, its eyes turn read just like the Midnight form’s.

 Pokemon Dusk form

The behavior of the Lycanroc

The Midday form of Lycanroc likes to hunt in the mountains on its own but displays a lot of loyalty to its owner. The Midnight form loves violence and jumps into action once they see a worthy opponent. Due to its wild nature, it doesn’t accept instructions from trainers who are poor battlers or whose instructions are questionable.

The Dusk form, on the other hand, is calmer and extremely loyal to people who they trust. In the Pokemon Sword and Shield, the Lycanroc is weak against the fighting, ground, steel, water, and grass type Pokémon firestone.



The Umbreon is a dark-type pokémon that looks like a rabbit, cat, or dog. Mostly regarded as a dog pokemon, the Umbreon has a shiny black coat that features brilliant yellow spots around its ears, tail, forehead, and legs. The dog pokemon evolved form is from the Eevee and has dark pupils that appear slit with dark fair around its eyes.


Its long ears and voluminous tail along with its red eyes (when agitated) give it a terrifying appearance. The dog-like Pokémon has two fangs that it bears whenever it sights an enemy.

A shiny Umbreon appears deep gray with and spots blue rings around its ears, forehead, and legs.

Shiny Umbreon

The behavior of the Umbreon

The canine pokemon is carnivorous and loves to hunt by stalking its prey during the night. When it senses enemies, it patiently waits for them to come close before it strikes. Once they get into range, the Umbreon bites its neck and consumes them.

Umbreons are known to be very protective of their trainers and will chase away any aggressor that threatens them. As a Dark Type Pokémon, Umbreon is weak against Fighting, Bug, and Fairy type moves. To catch em, find them in Route 4, and their 1% chance of showing during All Weather means that you need luck.


This Fire-type Pokémon was first introduced in Generation I, but in Generation VII, it is an Ice/Fairy type Pokemon only available Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Ultra Sun. The dog pokemon derived its name from its nine tails which is a distinguishable feature. According to Pokemon lore, the dog pokemon was based on the Nine-tailed Kitsune fox of Japanese myth.

Pokemon Ninetales


The dog pokemon has golden-white fur with an orange-tipped tail. The top of their head features tuft hair which is rough and spiky. The creature can control the minds of humans and other pokémon through its red sinister eyes.

Its thin legs feature three-toed paws and its pointed ears give it a fox-like resemblance. The Shiny Ninetails spots a silver-gray coat with blue tipped tails.


Pokemon Ninetales Alolan

The Ninetales in Alolan has blue fur and its legs showcase a snow-white color. On top of its hair are two tufts that shrivel backward into two snow-white strips of hair. There is another set of two tufts that shrink back into one strip at each side of the ears. This fire-type pokémon has nine blue tails each shrinking into a snow-white ribbon. The nine tails then form a circle behind the creature.

The behavior of the Ninetales


The Ninetales can live up to 1000 years and they display high intelligence and strong obsession. They can hold a grudge for a long time against their enemy including their enemy’s descendants.


Ninetales in Alolan is known to be gentle and rescue whoever is in harm’s way. They are very protective of Vulpix (which can evolve into Ninetales by using fire stone) and can harm anyone who ventures into their domain. Their solid stats include 73 HP, 75 Defense, and 76 Attack.

Zacian and Zamazenta

Zacian and Zamazenta

Zacian and Zamazenta are legendary pokemon commonly referred to as Heroes of Many Battles. They also serve as the Mascot Legendaries of Pokemon Sword and Shield. These dog pokemon are the guards of the Galar Region who defend it against outside forces. Their design is based on the wolf which was associated with England in the Middle Ages.

The two legendaries appear to be connected to the tale of King Arthur with the word Zacian suspected to refer to his sword, Excalibur, and Zamazenta referring to his shield, Wynebgwrthucher.

Zacian Dog Pokemon

Zacian is a Fairy-type Legendary dog pokemon that Game Freak introduced in Generation VIII and serves as the Mascot for Pokemon Sword. Zacian’s Rusted Sword transforms into a Fairy type or Steel type Crowned Sword form.

Hero of Many Battles

The legendary dog pokemon appears in ‘Hero of Many Battles’ as blue and white colored fur with yellow eyes and a long pink braid-like fur that runs from its head to its tail. He has a fluffy pink tail that protrudes out of its blue coat. It is a quadriplegic dog pokemon with half of its ear cut off and many scars all over its body as a testament to the injuries he suffered in many battles.

Crowned Sword Form

In this form, Zacian is depicted in golden armor with wing plates featured in front of its legs. It hind legs are protected by smaller plates and it wears a crown-like helmet on its head. Its blue fur appears thicker than its other form and it carries the Rusted Sword in its mouth.

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