Adele has confirmed her relationship with sports agent Rich Paul. Her chosen one is a wealthy and influential person in the world of sports. Most recently, the artist posted a joint photo on her Instagram account. Посмотреть эту публикацию в Instagram Публикация от Adele (@adele) The photos were taken while celebrating the wedding of NBA […]

Scarlett Johansson received support from Curtis, who sided with Johansson in an ongoing legal battle with Disney for the Black Widow hybrid release. In a lawsuit filed in July, Johansson argued that Disney had violated a contract to improve the popularity of its own streaming service while filming the delayed blockbuster in theaters and on […]

After recently moving to New Zealand a doctor was charged Friday with killing three young girls who according to reports are her three young daughters. Police have released that Doctor Lauren Dickason, 40, killed her 2-year-old twin daughters Maya and Karla and their sister, Liane, 6, on Thursday at her house, where the family had […]

A UK teenager who attempted to measure his manhood had to undergo emergency surgery after a USB cable lodged in his urethra. The unnamed 15-year-old boy was “triggered by sexual curiosity” and inserted a USB wire into his urethra. The experiment backfired when the cable became lodged in the curious teen’s scrotum like an electronic catheter. […]

Tommy brother of Tyson Fury was seen shirtless and beating his chest to a crowd of people from the VIP area of the club. Responding to the video clip Jake Paul posted on his Instagram story mocking Tommy. “Closest friends, coaches, teammates – if I’m ever at a club, shirtless, at a table by myself […]

Octavia Spencer “shows love” to Britney Spears and her fiancé Sam Asghari. There is a reason why the Oscar Award winner posted love on her Instagram account. When the star couple announced their engagement on Sunday, Spencer commented this news as: “Make him sign a prenup”. In a couple of days, Octavia decided to explain […]